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LUSSIER< RENE: Au Diable Vert
LUSSIER< RENE: Au Diable Vert
I seldom say this, but just buy this CD. Itís pretty much of a masterpiece: impeccable sound, jaw-dropping compositions, amazing detail and world-class performers. Scored for electric guitars and basses, two drummers, marimba, accordion, tuba, euphonium, clarinet, trombone, singing saw, ondes martenot, various extra percussions and a variety of voices, these pieces offer infectious complexity, unexpected twists, Uncle Meat and Song Cycle moments, respect for the listener, low boredom thresholds and impeccable attention to fine detail. Long marching to his own drum, Rene seems here to found another trove of treasure: new ideas and a new aesthetic Ė itís a music you can listen to repeatedly, full of substance and in constant motion. A gem and - I believe - one destined to endure.

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Price: £12.50