Gallery & Academic Specialist Art Recordings is a distribution service for museums, galleries and university departments which exists to collect and select important historic and contemporary works from the art-history of sound - as well as to track the evolution of non-musical sounding forms.


Over the course of the second half of the C20 the exploration of materials and recording technologies - and the non-musical manipulation of sound as a plastic material - underwrote the evolution of many untidy but brilliant new genres; some solitary - like soundscape, radio art and phonography, others - like animation and sound art - linked to visual media and installations. Today, sound is an essential component of an increasing number of gallery and exhibition works - and although museum shops are rich in books, it's rare to find the CDs and DVDs that document these newer genres, or that position them in the history of art. It is this void we hope to fill.

For educational institutions, this catalogue is one of a pair which between them document many essential productions in the history of the liberation of sound since the turn of the last century, covering pioneering composers, music concrete, electronic and tape music, new instruments, sound sculpture, cross genre experiments, innovations in recording and the art applications of sound to radio, film and gallery presentations.

This edited catalogue is divided broadly into examples from each different field.

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