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A fascinating collection of 8 pieces performed by students and faculty at Stanford University (including Brian Fernyhough and Mark Applebaum) which 'reflect a broad range of aesthetic issues, including fragmentation of structure, complex layering of musical time and narrative vs non-narrative discourse..' The CD delivers what it says on the label - these are all highly evolved, complex - and very different - pieces, each of which has something useful and gripping to say. Especially great are the pieces by Marisol Jiminez (for 3 percussionists - impossible sounds beautifully deployed), and Per Boland (for a small ensemble including the 'electronically prepared piano device': 12 electromagnets deployed above the frame of the piano to amplify string resonances). Contemporary music may be in a mess but at Stanford obviously critical faculties are not dulled and excellence is expected - and selected for. An exemplary collection of unknown composers with real ideas.L

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Price: £14.50