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UNFILED 1: ReR Quarterly 0401 (magazine only)
In the book (112pages, colour): Hugh Davis' definitive History of Sampling, The Plunderphonics case (Oswald) and the U2/Negativland story, a business analysis of the old Virgin Records, Part 2 of 'How to be in a Pop Group', Michael Gerzon's prophetic look at the near future of digital technology, 'Far From Equilibrium' - Paul Pignon's radical theory of improvisation, 'IRCAM, legitimacy', Notes by Georgie Born, Remix Notes by Guiseppe Colli and Chris Cutler, Bob Drake on Sampling and Rap, Independent Music Culture in South Africa, by Warric Swinney, Graphics and Indeterminacy (Sutherland), a new story by Alan Ravenstine, Stalin's casebook, artwork by Peter Blegvad, Jane Colling, Bill Ellesworth, Bruce Allan, David Evans and others.

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