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Long out of print, this is the definitive Cassiber collection in a solid box and fully documented. Made up of the Four classic studio albums, re-mastered by Bob Drake, two extra CD collections: The Way it Was – an amazing set of studio sketches and live recordings with guest appearances by Dietmar Diesner and Rene Lussier and Collaborations, documenting three extended special projects: Duck and Cover – with the addition of Fred Frith, Dagmar Krause, Tom Cora and George Lewis, Cassix – a recording project from Montepulciano with half of Stormy Six; and one track from Otomo Yoshihide/Ground Zero’s Cassiber Live in Tokyo with Shinoda Masami Remix project, as well as a two hour DVD of live and studio footage from Brasil, Frankfurt and Berlin - including a mini-documentary made during the recording of A Face We All Know. The new edition comes in a sturdy box with 40 pages of documents, interviews, information, photographs, pictures, itineraries and miscellaneous memorabilia.
In 1982 Cassiber crashed into the Deutsche Neue Welle. Founded by Heiner Goebbels, Alfred Harth, Christoph Anders and Chris Cutler, they fused experimental rock, fringe jazz, punk, pop, plunderphonics, improvisation and musique concrete into a complex form of studio  - and then concert – composition that was unique in mashing experimental form with a risky and expressionist mode of execution. In content and aesthetics, Cassiber tracked and anticipated the political and technological changes of its times, shifting, over its 10 years of existence, from the high stakes energy of the earlier releases to the more composed and complex studio works of its later years. Most impressively, Cassiber opened up song form by abandoning, extending or crashing sideways into it – and by creating unlikely structures from a combination of noise, libido, high musicality, dramaturgy and cultural debris.   

The subscription edition only comes with a free extra CD containing a selection of high quality live recordings, now long out of print, comprehensibly re-mastered by Bob Drake.

Price: £50.00