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» LOGAN KANE NONET: Nope, Science

Led by no-messing Los Angeles bassist and composer Logan Kane and populated by some fiendishly competent jazz-educated players, this nonet (alto, tenor saxes, trombone, violin, bass clarinet, flute, piano, bass, drums) rips through nine highly complex, often Zappaesque, compositions like a fiendish math metal band with swing. Itís an impressive demonstration of the collapse, at their various fringes, of rock, contemporary Ďseriousí music and jazz into a new hybrid that brings high technique, structural complexity and organic somatic rhythms into a tangled but logical musical language that delivers more the more you listen to it. Not all at once, though, some rests between tracks are recommended, since the composer doesnít ever switch registers to rest the ear. But itís impressive on both a compositional and interpretative level - and thatís something worth celebrating in these arid times.  

Code: Orenda 0075
Price: £14.50