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APPLEBAUM, MARK: The Janus Remixes
An interesting project by composer Applebaum (studied, inter alia, with Ferneyhough) where he uses recordings of his own acoustic works as raw material for "remixing" – meaning creating new pieces using a computer and Protools. In thoughtful sleeve notes he writes about good and evil, popular and contemporary, modern and postmodern, and techno. While he sees a relationship between his work and techno, these are electroacoustic works. It is interesting to compare with other AE work, and manipulations that do not come from the contemporary world (which can be far more radical). Personally, I think it is interesting for its failures of imagination and what it says about the technology – and thereby about a lot of electroacoustic music today. As music it is not especially notable.. but then ..

Code: Innova532
Price: £14.50