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ReR Sale,2016.

Dear friends

Many of our best releases are just sitting on the shelf here because money is tight and mostly people are buying only what they know.

So the obvious titles continue to sell, while some of the most interesting don't.

And then we haven't had an ReR sale for a few years.

So, to make experimental listening a bit more practical while the government fails to see the elephant in the room on the economy, all the listed titles are yours for £5 each - so long as you order a minimum of four (£20) (otherwise the new, opportunistically unhelpful, postage costs make it impossible).

Go on ... now is the time.

(some non-ReR titles also available as part of the sale).

One Off Sale


Dedicated to RUSSOLO. Organised samples of factory and mechanical sounds. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: NMLD873CD
Price: £5.00

HENRY COW: Stockholm

Stockholm will form part of the box set, and if you subscribe to the box, we will send this CD alone immediately. The rest of the box will follow when it is released. If you want this CD alone and decide later to get the box anyway, we'll send you the box minus Stoc... more »

Code: ReRHC7
Price: £5.00


A subtle, moody, rich and wide-ranging work, in which atmosphere, emotion and dramaturgy lead the ear far beyond music into a world of hints, evocations, anticipation and association and, in passing, reveal a complex metonymic language that, at a deep level, invokes... more »

Code: ReRTDDM2
Price: £5.00


Life meets art. Born of a long written correspondence and a mutual affection for frogs between David Myers (the artist formerly known as Arcane Device) and Tod Dockstader which eventually spawned this programme of electronic/concrete pieces derived almost entirely ... more »

Code: ReRTDDM1
Price: £5.00


The legendary collaboration between a leading American Musique Concrete composer and an instrumental ensemble directed by James Reichert where, for I think the first and to date only time, there was full integration of the written, played and manipulated sounds. T... more »

Code: ReRTODD1
Price: £5.00

AMM: Ammusic

The definitive 1966 recordings, complete, available for the first time as they were recorded. Plus 35 minutes of extra music from the same sessions. No history of contemporary music is written without reference to AMM, and in particular to these recordings. Corneliu... more »

Price: £5.00

QUARTERLY, ReR: Volume 4 No 1 CD

On the CD: John Oswald/John Zorn, Biota, Cornelius Cardew, ZGA, If Bwana, Kalahari Surfers + Lesogo Rampolokeng, Koongoortoog (Tuva),Blitziods, Al Margolis, Tom Nunn, Thinking Plague, Adenoid Quartet, N.O.R.M.A., Les Sales Combles, R.Deutsch, Martin Burlas, Peter Ma... more »

Code: ReR0401
Price: £5.00

QUARTERLY, ReR: Vol 4 No. 2 CD

CD contains commissioned works by Q.R. Ghazala: Sacrifice To Isis, , Mike Hovancsek/Paul Guerguerian:Three Cold Floors, Tom Dimuzio: Inception, Marie Goyette: Short-Cuts: Brahms, Ken Ando: Danseuse, Robert Iolini: Congo, Zimbabwe, Giovanni Venosta: Le Ombre Di Otell... more »

Code: ReR0402
Price: £5.00


Faust, Art Bears, ZNR, Robert Wyatt, The Residents, Henry Cow, This Heat, Art Zoyd, Univers Zero, Stormy Six, Aqsak Maboul, Picchio Dal Pozzo, Decibel, Goebbels and Harth, The Homosexuals, The Work, Amos and Sarah, The Black Sheep, Feliu Gasul, Hector Zazou, The Muf... more »

Code: ReR1982
Price: £5.00

5UU's: Crisis In Clay

Second Installment from monster band 5UU's, featuring rock complexity, extraordinary production (by bassist and singer Bob Drake) and high energy precision mixed with eccentric song-writing. People that work this hard are becoming an endangered species. Extraordinar... more »

Code: ReR5UU2
Price: £5.00


Atmospheric, evolving, intricate and layered; a suite of fine compositions and carefully crafted sounds. Consistent creation of another place, another time. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRALQ1
Price: £5.00

SUN RA: Horizon

In 1971 Sun Ra and the full Arkestra of the time went to Egypt. Three Saturn LPs were released memorialising this visit: Horizon was the last (it has also been known as Starwatchers and Sun Ra in Egypt Vol.2). It's a fine recording of a classic band - in great shape... more »

Price: £5.00

SUN RA: Nidhamu/Dark Myth Visitation Equation

These two LPs, on one CD, taken with Horizon, complete the Egypt trilogy. Nidhamu was in fact the second release of the series, half recorded at the Balloon Theatre and half at a concert at Hartmut Geerken's house in Heliopolis. It's a remarkable document: austere, ... more »

Price: £5.00

PELTONEN, AKI: Radio Banana

Just when you think it's all over, along comes something completely unpredictable - in this case, a modest but uncompromisingly original confection that mixes latin brass arrangements (sort of), great drumming, medium wave radio and the many characters of the accord... more »

Code: ReRAP1
Price: £5.00

BIOTA: Half a True Day

Six years in the making, the visual/sonic art group Biota have finally completed their Sixth CD for ReR. Unique in their history and method, Biota painstakingly construct complex, organic structures that mix extensive studio processing and musique concréte te... more »

Code: ReRB6
Price: £5.00

BLAST 4tet: Sift

This is the second release, after a long wait, from this unique ensemble. Equally at home with the discipline of composition and the tightrope of improvisation Blast (now Blast 4tet) have evolved a fluid, pointillistic, unfathomable but transparent musical language ... more »

Code: ReRBlast02
Price: £5.00


Three old hands out of Soft Machine, Gong and Henry Cow stretch already flexible musical material into one shape after another, then tie it in knots and generally have a fun with it. High quality recordings combined with seat-of-the-pants playing keep the tension hi... more »

Code: ReRBV3-1
Price: £5.00


Followers of our Quarterly will recall, about 6 years back, Woodbury's inspired arrangement of 'Shenandoah', which managed to embrace the whole of America history in under 10 minutes. Since then he has been working on completing this collection, his first full ensem... more »

Code: ReRBW1
Price: £5.00

CUTLER, CHRIS/FRITH, FRED: Two Gentlemen in Verona

An almost complete concert from Verona, 1999, slightly edited for listening logic with an impeccably clear and transparent sound. Very different from CCFFs 1 and 2, this documents a more upfront, intense performance, full of history, rock, post rock, tunes, rhythms,... more »

Code: ReRCCFF3
Price: £5.00

CUTLER, CHRIS: Twice Around the Earth

An experiment in listening. These compositions are an offshoot of the daily soundscape programme I ran for Resonance FM radio between July 2001-2002, which consisted of commissioned real-time recordings made all around the world between 23.30 and midnight GMT (the t... more »

Code: ReRCC2
Price: £5.00


It took long enough. The electric kit finally gets a chance to speak for itself. I won't try to describe it, but it's been pretty much my main work of the last three years. I can't say it reminds me of anything else but, naturally, I suggest you buy it. L. Only ... more »

Code: ReRCC1
Price: £5.00

CUTLER, CHRIS: There and Back Again

A companion to 'Twice around the Earth, 'There and Back Again' uses 44 environmental recordings to explore - amongst other things - the way memory works, and how the experience of passing time is constructed. Mainly it's just meant to be good to listen to: surprisi... more »

Code: ReRCC3
Price: £5.00


A few of you will already have heard either the Hostess's first wild American release or founder Jewlia Eisenberg's ear-opening Tzadik CD of last year. The Hostesses here are an extraordinary 7 piece band, tight, a little rockish, comprising bass, drums, guitar, fid... more »

Code: ReRCH1
Price: £5.00

CMCD [REISSUE]: Six Classics

This essential piece of history at last reissued, redesigned and repackaged. Keystone works from the various streams of musique concrete, electronic music, soundscape, electroacoustics and plunderphonics - including two masterworks from Eastern Europe, a territory t... more »

Price: £5.00


The first of two tracks is a long Requiem which for me turned out to be a very serious piece of work - and unrepeatable, captured at a concert in New Mexico. Whatever were we thinking? It's followed by a studio piece, mixing raw binaural sound with sophisticated an... more »

Code: ReRCCTD2
Price: £5.00


Recorded at two concerts in Lowell and Portland in March 1999. Great blocks of sound alive with detail, sometimes massive, sometimes attenuated near to silence; sometimes it's hard to know what instruments if any are involved. Growling and Tearing. Glacial movements... more »

Code: ReRCCTD1
Price: £5.00

DIMUZIO, TOM: Headlock

Reissue of the classic new generation Musique Concrete LP, this is an historic document - with extra contemporary material pursuing the rich drone techniques for which Tom D. has more recently become known. Extensively remastered for this release. Only available ... more »

Code: ReRTD1
Price: £5.00


From a legend in the worlds of noise (both delicate and groundshaking) and of sophisticated electronic processing, this is an ensemble of pieces Tom has made over the years for various multiple-artist collections. It covers many of his musical bases in a useful chro... more »

Code: ReRTD2
Price: £5.00


Compositions for the Hyperion ensemble by Dumitrescu, Avram, Hodgkinson and Cutler recorded at the Nancy-Vanoeuvre festival. Contents: New Meteors and Pulsars (Dumitrescu, 1982). For Tape and Percussion. Tape by Iancu Dumitrescu, Soloist, Chris Cutler. Nouvelle Axe ... more »

Price: £5.00


From the much lauded Queen Elizabeth Hall concert and club Link in Bologna, two very different knife-edge tours through sound and structure landscapes; from rollercoaster to glider. 'Indescribeable but wonderful. Quite superb. I would have been happy listening for t... more »

Code: RERCZ1
Price: £5.00


In 1988, I received a tape from David Myers consisting of music made purely from the internal conflicts of machines; sounds made from no sound - no input, only output emerging from the unstoppable flow of electrons within and across machines plugged into one anothe... more »

Code: ReRDLM1
Price: £5.00


At last a CD by this undeservedly hardly known Jugoslavian composer and performer, now in his mid seventies. 30 years ago, while doing folk music research, he dreamed of a massive electrified multi-zither. He woke up and built it and here he plays it - somewhere bet... more »

Code: ReREK1
Price: £5.00

MARTUSCIELLO, ELIO: Unoccupied Areas

Tightly focused electroacoustic compositions that are austere, rich, strange and brilliantly executed. Elio has an ear like a bat and a serious antipathy toward cliché, and he never relies on repetition for structure; these pieces seem rather to grow out of t... more »

Code: ReREM1
Price: £5.00

FAT: Automat Highlife

Canada's most extreme noise-music exponents caught here in a project built around short, diverse sound experiments..31 bites - which you are encouraged to programme for random order select (shuffle). Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (min... more »

Price: £5.00

SUN RA: Space Probe

An unusual record, mostly recorded in the early ‘60s with Ra, Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, James Jacson, Nimrod Hunt and Thea Barbara that explores stripped back forms and colour combinations - very far from jazz - and includes the extraordinary Conversation Of J.P... more »

Price: £5.00

SUN RA: On Jupiter

A big band studio recording made a month before Sleeping Beauty and released by Saturn in 1979 consisting of three quite different pieces: On Jupiter, which is a vocalised, relaxed, swing trance piece, UFO - Sun Ra's unashamed approach to disco, layering big band ev... more »

Price: £5.00

GOEBBELS, HEINER and HARTH,ALFRED: Hommage/Vier Fauste fur Hanns Eisler + Vom Sprengen des Gartens

This long and extraordinarily fruitful partnership started here - continuing though the Sogennantes Linksradikales Blasorchester - where they picked up Christoph Anders with whom they went on to co-found Cassiber with your humble reviewer. These are jazz inflected, ... more »

Code: ReRGH1
Price: £5.00


Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRGQ1
Price: £5.00

HAIL: Kirk

Second Hail CD, with guest appearances from Chris Cutler, David Kerman and Bill Gilonis. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRHCD2
Price: £5.00

HAIL: Hello Debris

After a break of almost 15 years Susanne Lewis and Bob Drake have reconvened their classic partnership. In the meantime rock and post rock has mainly moved away from the song and its classic shapes, leaving commercial pop to straighten them out and endlessly repeat ... more »

Code: ReRH3
Price: £5.00

HACO: Happiness Proof

Haco and many guests (including Otomo Yoshihide, Peter Hollinger, Uchihashi Kasuhisa, Pierre Bastien amd Ichiraku Yoshimitsu with a new collection of songs, in inimitable Haco style. Nothing to explain. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (... more »

Code: ReRHACO2
Price: £5.00

HACO: Ash in the Rainbow

Out of print immediately after release, now re-issued. A test-bed of experimental arrangement and production ideas set in the context of songs that only just hold together - exquisitely realised. Extraordinary sounds, treatments and arrangements - in part because t... more »

Code: ReRHACO3
Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: Brainweather

'Brain' is a CD musi-drama (opera pervers) with El Maestro JR lui-meme, Shelley Hirsch, Phil Minton, a Nietschean dentist and thousands of Rosenbergs. Plus The Weatherman. Full texts and notes. Cover by Peter Blegvad. L Only available at this price as part of th... more »

Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: Shopping Live@Victo

Yes, we're still shopping - this is an unexpurgated copy of the Victoriaville concert (Radio recording) with group: Lauren Newton, Joelle Leandre, Otomo Yoshihide and Chris Cutler. In my opinion the wildest and most dizzying version on record. Unfolding chaos with l... more »

Code: ReRJR4
Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: The Hyperstring Project

Subtitle: The dynamic of rogue counterpoint. Jon, alone, with some of his interactive, midified, altered and invented instruments (eg the whipolin, a disembowelled cello, fitted with a variety of not exactly centred hurdy gurdy type wheels made of various materials)... more »

Code: ReRJR6
Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: The People's Music

With string orchestras, percussion, a motivating red guard and the severed embalmed arm of the great helmsman himself (maybe), Jon pits the ethos of Mao's China - and in particular the mass production of the violin and it's use in life against the 'reductive cultura... more »

Code: ReRJR7
Price: £5.00

VEES, JACK: The Restaurant Behind the Pier

Seven pieces for solo bass. Sounds unappetising? Well. To 'bass', add a lot of pedals and extended techniques, add sound on sound and a mastery of harmonics; to 'solos' add versions of rock classics (Manic Depression - I Want You and As you said) as well as more abs... more »

Code: ReRJV1
Price: £5.00

COOPER, LINDSAY: Rags/The Golddiggers

Consists of the whole of the LP previously issued as Re/arc and most of "The Golddiggers". Featuring Lindsay Cooper, Sally Potter, Phil Minton, Georgie Born, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Marilyn Mazur, Kate Westbrook, Collette Lafont, Eleanor Sloan, Lol Coxhill and Dav... more »

Code: ReRLCD
Price: £5.00

GLANDIEN, LUTZ: Scenes From No Marriage

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRLG1
Price: £5.00

GLANDIEN, LUTZ: Lost in Rooms

Although following The 5th Elephant in its musical organisation - around grids of pulses and highly crafted, rich sonorities - this work is more evolved, more focussed and more internally economic. Following a narrative thread this time, the whole is bound into a co... more »

Code: ReRLG3
Price: £5.00

LAGOS, VENOSTA, MARIANI: Metamorphoses (Electronic Adventures in Flamenco)

11 pieces beautifully played by flamenco guitarist Alfredo Lagos, and then put through an electro acoustic obstacle course by Venosta and Mariani. The raw guitar is reversed, inverted, cut up, re-played, propelled by processed handclaps and swathed in delayed vocals... more »

Code: ReRLVM1
Price: £5.00


Michael, founder and brain behind the extraordinary Swedish post-Beefheartian group Kraljursastalten, and world-class ice-hockey player, here collects his extraordinary songbook including much of the two celebrated '70s releases by Kraljursastalten (the Reptile Inst... more »

Code: ReRMM1
Price: £5.00


Reissue of a classic LP. The pre Biota Mnemonist Orchestra was a dark, meticulous, inspired ensemble and this is a Rolls Royce of a recording. Their method was a slow, painstaking assembly from materials processed to the point of complete unrecogniseability,, though... more »

Code: ReRMN2
Price: £5.00

MUSCI/VENOSTA: Messages and Portraits

Classic work. Overlays and constructs rhythmic and harmonic vignettes of transparent sound (at once complex and simple) from electronic, acoustic and documentary sources, taking ethnic field recordings as it's thematic centre. In the realm of 'My life in the Bush of... more »

Price: £5.00


See other M/V title for general description. Over 2 years in the making and flawless, as usual. L Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRMVCD2
Price: £5.00

NEWS FROM BABEL: Sirens and Silences: Work Resumed on The Tower

News from Babel was the song project inaugurated by Chris Cutler with fellow ex Henry Cow composer Lindsay Cooper. The pieces for this first LP were written for a band that also included Zeena Parkins (harp - her first recording with the instrument) and the incompar... more »

Code: ReRNFB1
Price: £5.00


The second record by this group (Lindsay Cooper, Zeena Parkins and Chris Cutler) with invitees Robert Wyatt, Sally Potter, Phil Minton and Dagmar Krause who sing, and Bill Gilonis (of The Work) who plays occasional guitar and bass, and who also produced the recordin... more »

Code: ReRNFB2
Price: £5.00


Macedonian composer (tutors: Anatol Vieru, Tomislav Zografski, Sir Harrison Birtwistle and the Gyorgiâs Ligeti and Kurtag) with a unique voice, moving easily here between tape manipulation, ensemble and choral composition both contemporary and soaked in national fo... more »

Code: ReRNK1
Price: £5.00


An exquisite and subtle new composition by Macedonian composer Nikola Kodjbashaia exquisitely realised by a broad and mixed ensemble of exemplary - and mostly Macdonian - instrumentalists: a suite of highly imaginative variations on a theme that meanders purposively... more »

Code: ReRNK2
Price: £5.00

KODJABASHIA, NIKOLA: Explosion of a Memory

An extended iterative, cycling, dissipating cloud of fragments, constantly shifting focus, which throws up detail, evolves, returns, settles and re-dissolves; it's a four-dimensional explosion in which stretches of baroque, folk themes and Byzantine liturgy exist co... more »

Code: ReRNK3
Price: £5.00

NORMA with CHRIS CUTLER: The Harp and the Donkey

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Price: £5.00


The second release from this abstract trio who mingle hard electronics with acoustic and processed percussion. A more focused, subtle aesthetic here, I think, than on their last also excellent - CD. These are finely tuned and seamlessly integrated sounds that have ... more »

Code: ReRO2
Price: £5.00


Somewhere between Musique Concrete and a kind of abstract improvisational work, using extended techniques and electrification that disconnects sound from any recognisable source. A fascinating first record that sits between studio improvisation and extensive post pr... more »

Code: ReRO1
Price: £5.00

RATSIMANDRESY, NADIA and MATTEO RAMON AREVALOS: Messiaen et autour de Messiaen for ondes Martenot an

A signature collection of exquisite works for onde Martenot and piano by Olivier Messiaen, N'Guyen Thien Dao, Jacques Charpentier and Tristan Murail, exploring the many voices of this extraordinary instrument. The onde (or ondes musicales or le Martenot) was first d... more »

Code: ReROM1
Price: £5.00

P53: P53

Commissioned project from Chris Cutler for the 25th Frankfurt Jazz Festival 1994, featuring Marie Goyette, Zygmunt Krauze, Otomo Yoshihide, Lutz Glandien and Chris Cutler (score contemporary composers: 2, Sound debris organisers: 2, virtuoso pianists: 2, Virtual ins... more »

Code: ReRP53
Price: £5.00


Extraordinary player - extraordinary instrument. Paulo plays a highly modified and treated Sardinian Guitar - in many styles, some of them apparently impossible. Innovative techniques, a deeply musical sensibility and a rich, occasionally baffling, palette of sounds... more »

Code: ReRPA1
Price: £5.00

BLEGVAD, PETER: Hangman's Hill

13 new songs from el maestro with the standard trio featuring John Greaves and Chris Cutler, and guests B.J.Cole, Geraint Watkins, Adam X, Chris Stamey, Bob Drake and Stoffer Blegvad. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRPB3
Price: £5.00


In 2004 Peter took a field trip out to lake Baikal to record the ice breaking up (it's a dramatic annual event) and to make an aural document of the environs (port, jettys, generators, the trans-siberian express, settlements &c.). These are beautifully recorded ... more »

Code: ReRPC2
Price: £5.00

PERE UBU: London Texas

A great live recording of the sadly short-lived version of the band that existed between the arrival of Eric Drew Feldman and the departure of Chris Cutler. By far the best recording of the Scott, Cutler, Maimone rhythm section, I think, and the whole band is on int... more »

Code: ReRPU01
Price: £5.00

QUARTERLY, ReR: Selections Vol 1

Selections from VOLUME 1 of the ReR Quarterly,including the legendary recording of the so-called 'supergroup' DUCK AND COVER (Tom Cora, Chris Cutler, Heiner Goebbels, Fred Frith, Alfred Harth, Dagmar Krause and George Lewis), BIOTA, Steve Moore, CASSIX, 5UU's, John ... more »

Code: ReRQCD1
Price: £5.00

QUARTERLY, ReR: Selections Vol.2

Commissioned materials from Robert Wyatt, Iva Bittova / Pavel Fajt, LA 1919, Jocelyn Robert, James Grigsby, J. Lachan, Henry Kaiser, Increase The Angle, Bill Gilonis, David Thomas, Jospeh Racaille, John Oswald, Musci / Venosta, Luciano Margiorani, 5UU'S, When, Jean ... more »

Code: ReRQCD2
Price: £5.00


This is one of those recordings that arrived unannounced in the mail. I knew Lesli Dalaba, of course, but the others were new to me. The project is Eric Glick Rieman's and I found it immediately intriguing. There seemed to be something quite subtle going on; minima... more »

Code: ReRRDD
Price: £5.00


Electroacoustic, Chamber Ensemble, Soundscapes and works for radio. Some will remember his two great small ensemble compositions from an earlier quarterly. This collection concentrates more on his (prize-winning) tape works and includes the great Hong Kong changeove... more »

Code: ReRRI
Price: £5.00

IOLINI, ROBERT: Songs from Hurt

Robert transcends the divisions between music, documentary and radio art. The bulk of this CD is built around the extraordinary testimonies of aboriginal teenagers, prisoners and witnesses of a world in which the interviewees are continually told that they are surpl... more »

Code: ReRRI1
Price: £5.00


Music made originally for three short silent films by Joris Ivens, Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler performed as part of a music and film festival in Milan; here re-mastered, edited and reorganised for listening. Hard to describe, but it straddles the ground between ... more »

Price: £5.00

MOORE, R STEVIE: Phonography

The first time I heard R. Stevie Moore was when the Residents played me goodbye piano - which would have been sometime in early 1978. Soon after that, I got in touch with him to import some copies for Recommended - followed over the years by many of his other releas... more »

Code: ReRRSM1
Price: £5.00


A CD of songs following on from Art Bears, News From Babel and Domestic stories.This time the co-authors are Stevan Tickmayer and Chris Cutler, with Bob Drake, with guests Fred Frith, Amy Denio and Claudio Puntin. A dense, composed, gallon-in-a-pint kind of a record... more »

Price: £5.00


Some changes from Volume One. These are Instrumental pieces, and the band is now a quartet. Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, Bob Drake and Chris Cutler are joined by guitarist Mike Johnson of Thinking Plague. The music remains somewhere between intense contemporary complexi... more »

Price: £5.00


A revelation. First released in Hungary in 1987, this is an extraordinary work combining ensemble playing, documentary recording, studio manipulation, electronics and some stunning compositional conception. Featuring Marta Sebastjen, the Amaninda group, WYXOMPHONIC ... more »

Code: ReRSD1
Price: £5.00

SUN RA: Cosmo-Sun Connection

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRSR1
Price: £5.00

MACLEAN, STEVE: Bridges (dbl)

These recordings collect together works spanning two decades of composition and experimentation that balance traditional musical resources (the band, compositional skills, instrumental techniques, acoustic and amplified instruments) and the new technologies (compute... more »

Code: ReRSM2/3
Price: £5.00


Steve's fourth CD for us is a remarkable set of pieces for mediated acoustic piano that operates in the shadowy territory between what is playable and what is programmable; between narrative simplicity and performative complexity; between hopeful intentionality and ... more »

Code: ReRSM4
Price: £5.00

TICKMAYER, STEVAN: Repetitive selective removal of one protecting group

After a long absence Stevan roars back with this dense and complex work - a rare example of a truly uncategoriseable music: neither electronic nor acoustic but somewhere in between - or outside. Taken often at impossible Nancarrow/late Zappa/Ligeti tempi, a cascade ... more »

Code: ReRST2
Price: £5.00


A suite of fiendishly complex compositions for mixed real and virtual resources. Bob Drake, Djorge Delibasic, Pegja Milosavljevic and Chris Cutler make appearances - playing electric guitar, bass, drums and virtuoso violin between them, but mainly it is Stevan who p... more »

Code: ReRST3
Price: £5.00

HODGKINSON, TIM: Pragma: New Works

Listen to a sample of this release ... more »

Code: ReRTH1
Price: £5.00


Contemporary music for tuba and a revelation of an under-utilised musical voice. For stretched and traditional techniques. Includes works by Lutz Glandien (Tuba and Tape), Morton Feldman, Igor Stravinsky and Michael himself. Excellent collection; and unusual. ... more »

Code: ReRTUBA1
Price: £5.00

VOGT, MICHAEL: Argonautika

A sound drama for tuba and electronics that constructs its own rich, twilit, rather alien, world. Only the sound of the tuba (sometimes), a few waves and a little thunder sound familiar, everything else is a mysterious presence; the electronics are not at all conven... more »

Code: ReRTUBA2
Price: £5.00

VRIL [Bob Drake, Lukas Simonis, Chris Cutler]: Effigies in Cork

Bob Drake proposed this project: to make a CD of Guitar Instrumentals, but now, in the C21- and not to copy the Shadows and Surf bands but to recover the form: tune, arrangement, rhythm, bass, drums, all the essentials: flexibility with focus. Songs pushed them asid... more »

Code: ReRVRIL1
Price: £5.00

VRIL: The Fatal Duckpond

Award-winning soundtrack to the film by Horst Gack, (Prix Ultra de Concourse Lumiere, Ulm, 2009: Best Soundtrack). After a break of six years, Chris Cutler, Bob Drake and Lukas Simonis, now with added ingredient Pierre Omer, present the second volume of recordings b... more »

Code: ReRVril2
Price: £5.00

ZGA: Zgamoniums

Sound bites from 'real' and electrified scrapyard instruments; an indescribable and incomparable group who have succeeded both in defying genre and creating radically new sounds. Listen to a sample of this release ... more »

Price: £5.00

ZGA: Sub Luna Morrior

Classic recording by the ever deeper Russian instrument builders and masters of live electroacoustic/song/sound sculptures. Dangerous, Bitter, Desperate and Down to the Bone, but carrying a huge emotional charge and a rare beauty. This is lived music, both mature an... more »

Code: ReRZGA3
Price: £5.00

FRITH, FRED: The Technology of Tears

With an all-star line-up that features Tenko, John Zorn and Christian Marclay (with guest Jim Staley on trombone), Technology of Tears started life in New York in 1986 as a dance commission by Rosalind Newman. Fred took this opportunity to experiment with Henry Kais... more »

Code: ReRFRO11
Price: £5.00

DRAKE, BOB: The Skull Mailbox

The strangest so far. Mostly songs; a lot of acoustic instruments, a lot of unidentifiable sounds, a lot of fragments borne on a wind from somewhere else; bizarre picking interludes, humour (maybe) and snatches of incandescent playing. You can't pin this one down; i... more »

Code: CTA9
Price: £5.00

DRAKE, BOB: 13 Songs and a Thing

The latest collection of twisting, turning instrumentals and songs, and another instant classic. If you didn't venture down this way yet, now is a good time to start. In a category of one, Bob undermines musical, technical and production norms with a breathtaking am... more »

Code: CTA13
Price: £5.00

DRAKE, BOB: Medallion Animal Carpet

A rollercoaster of a record - intensely musical and highly attentive to the quality of sound - only not in the usual directions. This is what happens when a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and engineer gets to do what he wants his own way, free of the norms of the mu... more »

Code: CTA7
Price: £5.00

DRAKE, BOB: The Shunned Country

A collection of 52 very short songs on uncanny themes, illustrated in the exquisite 24p full-colour booklet with a set of 20 commissioned paintings by Ray O'Bannon. Perhaps the scariest thing is that each of these miniatures is a fully formed, fully orchestrated and... more »

Code: CTA-SC01
Price: £5.00

DRAKE, BOB: Little Black Train

 Thinking Plague, Hail, EC Nudes, 5UU's bassist and mixmaster with his second solo CD. Fast and furious country picking meets weird fragmentation and fast cut compositions. Guitars, Bass, Drums, Violin and odd unidentifiable noises all flawlessly performed, re... more »

Code: BobDrake:LittleBlackTrain
Price: £5.00

BOB DRAKE: Bob's Drive-in

A set of twisty, forty-ideas-a-minute, niftily arranged, irredeemably eccentric, but strangely brilliant songs that skip blithely across genre borders - from Nashville through the Miskatonic by way of the Beach Boys… even the production values range across the histo... more »

Code: CTA17
Price: £5.00

CUTLER, CHRIS and MACLEAN, STEVE: Year of The Dragon.

A collection of 5 songs and 4 instrumental pieces that explore equally - and simultaneously - spontaneous performance values, close compositional detail and extensive processing. Made out on the rocky coast of Maine with just a TV eye keeping tabs on a world skiddin... more »

Code: ReRCCSM1
Price: £5.00

CUSACK, PETER: Where Is the Green Parrot?

Welcome release from this subtle but complex composer-performer-instrument designer. More than musical, these are dramatic constructions with environmental sound, birdsong, conversation, narrative... the guitar shop section of "two small boys go shopping" is a maste... more »

Code: ReRPC1
Price: £5.00

FRED FRITH . JOHN ZORN: The Art of |Memory II

The long-awaited follow up to their first release on Derek Bailey's Incus label and a kind of prequel, going back to the time when Fred was playing home-made instruments and John was using mouthpieces and duck-calls as much or more than alto sax; this was back in th... more »

Code: FRA06
Price: £5.00

SUN RA: Disco 3000 - the full show (dbl CD).

A limited edition reissue in dramatic new packaging of the already highly codouble full-session version of the legendary Saturn classic. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ArtyardCD001
Price: £5.00

CASSIBER/GROUND ZERO: Live in Tokyo/Ground Zero remix (dbl)

This is a collection of pieces developed from and using the live recordings of Cassiber's Tokyo performance by Otomo Yoshihide and Ground Zero. This is also in part a tribute, and it is the last recording of Ground Zero, marking the end of Otomo's main project of th... more »

Code: ReRCGZ2
Price: £5.00


Sound artist Lauren Weinger documents and reworks one of her large scale installation events in giant grain silos in America. The massive sounds of gargantuan hoppers pouring grain, documentary moments of dialogue, local, archive and composed musics, mysterious trac... more »

Code: ReRLW1
Price: £5.00

FEDER, JANET: Speak Puppet

Prepared guitars and dobro, for the most part composed and all very much in Janet's own unique style - somewhere between classical, experimental and folk-picking with attitude. Which doesn’t tell you much about how listenable and strange these pieces are, but ... more »

Code: RerJF1
Price: £5.00


 Fourth in the sound record series of this great festival. This year includes- Heiner Goebbels, Jon Rose, Otomo Yoshihide, N.O.R.M.A., Chris Cutler, Marten Altena, The Rova Saxophone Quartet, Specchio Ensemble, Phil Minton, Lol Coxhill, Steve Beresford, Veryan... more »

Code: AI007
Price: £5.00


 Latest in the Angelica Festival series, features..Misha Mengelberg, Jacques Palinckx, Guus Janssen, Tristan Honsinger, Michel Waisfisz, Hennemann String Quartet + others. Exquisitely edited and compiled by Massimo Simonini . A good opportunity to listen to on... more »

Code: AI011
Price: £5.00


 From the legendary Bolognese festival, another extraordinary compilation which is not merely a collection of pieces but a long logical work in it's own right, assembled with radical editing flair by turntable player (and festival maestro) Massimo Simonini fol... more »

Code: IDA103
Price: £5.00


At last!! The long awaited first compilation of pieces by legendary Tamil film composer Dr. Ilaiyaraaja. For years a private enthusiasm of friends of Angelica (Fred Frith, Heiner Goebbels, John Zorn &c.), this music has circulated until now only on dubbed cassettes,... more »

Code: IDA019
Price: £5.00


This will be for those who enjoyed the first CD. A (rare) live concert, exquisitely executed, this is a little less unusual than the first but contains a minor gem - an entire piece made from only three notes, beautifully arranged. Only available at this price as... more »

Code: IDA021
Price: £5.00


 Electro-acoustic composition for sine tones: high, low, medium, microtonal, drone based. Sensitively done.... more »

Code: IDA022
Price: £5.00

GOEBBELS, HEINER: The Italian Concerts

With Chris Cutler, The Icarus Ensemble conducted by Yoichi Sugiyama, Sira and Boubacar Djebate, Johannes Bauer, Tiziano Popoli, Jocelyn B. Smith and the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna conducted by Franck Ollu, this is a rare release from one of the pion... more »

Code: IDA024
Price: £5.00


Cellist Honsinger and pre-existing media manipulist Simonini with a piece that falls between radio art, music theatre and... and what? A highly unusual performance in 10 parts that deploys its materials sparingly and intelligently and, through a combination of skill... more »

Code: IDA025
Price: £5.00


Vincenzo Vasi has a remarkably flexible voice, in the tradition of Demetrios Stratos, Mike Patton or Phil Minton - and he puts it through its paces in mostly experimental but orderly pieces, half of which are written or improvised by the duo and half by various othe... more »

Code: IDA 027
Price: £5.00

SUN RA: The Antique Blacks

Another much sought after and long unavailable title recorded in 1974 with a smallish ensemble consisting (probably) of stalwarts Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, Danny David, James Jacson, Akh Tal Ebah, Clifford Jarvis, Artakatune, and new electric guitarist, Sly, tha... more »

Code: ArtyardCD010
Price: £5.00

RILEY/SCODANIBBIO: Lazy Afternoon amongst the Crocodiles

A limited edition release with world-class contrabassist Scodanibbio and minimal raga master Riley on synthesiser. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: A1008
Price: £5.00

YOSIHIDE, OTOMO: Turntable Solo 8 cm ep

Turntable without records - feedback. 22 minutes of mid frequency range roaring and squeals. Sustained assault music. Pretty definitive.... more »

Code: AlcoholOY1CD
Price: £5.00


 Minimal, quiet. There will be fans but though this can be gripping at a concert it doesn't seem to me to transfer to listening-object well at all. Unless as ambience.... more »

Code: Alors1CD
Price: £5.00


... more »

Price: £5.00

TOSHIMARU NAKAMURA: No Input Mixing Board Vol 3

Extreme pitches, raw cracklings, tiny sounds, loops.... more »

Price: £5.00

PATE, RON and his DEBONAIRS: Raudelunas 'Pataphysical Revue'

This one is obligatory. A classic. The Revue was a one-off concert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1975 - part of the second Raudalunas Exposition - trapped on tape by chance or no one would have believed it. A revue that remains consistently outside any genre, culture or... more »

Price: £5.00

GROUND ZERO: Plays Standards

Just when you thought it would be safe... Ground Zero are back with a CD of extraordinary covers, some are massive, others strange, all add something to their originals and were selected because of their importance to founder Otomo Yoshihide's personal musical biogr... more »

Code: ReRGZ3
Price: £5.00

MCCB: Things from the Past

Collects together all the releases of all the various, mostly connected, groups fronted by Henry Cow's Geoff Leigh: - Red Balune, The Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkhest and The Black Sheep -, as well as his own legendary solo EP 'Chemical Bank'. Some of this is as wild as it... more »

Code: AdHoc1
Price: £5.00

HET: Let's Het

Another original Woof release from 1983, this was a project led by Dominic Weeks and Cass Davies from the legendary acappella group Furious Pig, with invitees Tim Hodgkinson and Catherine Jauniaux (absorbed into the mix). Marimbas, bells and all manner of tuned and ... more »

Code: AdHoc3
Price: £5.00

WOOF: 7 Inches

This CD collects for the first time all four 7" releases on the Woof label - the rare-as-gold-dust EP 'I do, I do, I don't I don't', by Tim Hodgkinson and Bill Gilonis (who went on to found The Work) and the Work's own three track 'I hate America' - plus 3 bonus tra... more »

Code: AdHoc4
Price: £5.00

BOLE, ANDY: Ramshackle Pier

Andy Bole, known to our very old adherents through the remarkable Bole Drawings, was and is a very fine guitarist in (loosely) the British style (Jansch, Graham, Renbourne), with oriental shadings. This is a fine collection of his own (mostly) acoustic pieces, joine... more »

Code: AdHoc5
Price: £5.00

LEWIS, SUSANNE & DRAKE, BOB: Venus Handcuffs

Before 'Hail' loomed up out of the Pre-Cambrian swamps to lay waste to much of the known world, there was Venus Handcuffs. This is as much a testament to an attitude and a time as it is a CD of songs. In Bob's excellent accompanying notes he describes the conditions... more »

Code: AdHoc6
Price: £5.00

NIMBY: Songs For Adults

NIMBY is James Grigsby (of the legendary Motor Totemist Guild) and US leftfield luminaries from Thinking Plague, Hail, The 5UUs and Giant Ant Farm Dave Kerman, Bob Drake and Jerry Wheeler. The official story is that an electrical storm temporarily deranged their fa... more »

Code: AdHoc09
Price: £5.00

K SPACE: Going Up

This is not like an improvised music record, When you hear this you realise how unfree a lot of improvising is, how stuck it is in a language and an approach to the organisation of sound that is actually quite narrow. Having a Tuvan shaman in the band and two seriou... more »

Code: AdHoc12
Price: £5.00

WORK THE : Rubber Cage

My favourite of all the Work records, so newcomers start here. Dense compositions, high quality, powerful recordings that explore the fringes of rock; pop fragments, hypnotic repetitions and highly evolved arrangements coupled with a fine exploration of sonorities a... more »

Code: AdHoc14
Price: £5.00

BLITZOIDS, THE: Complete (dbl CD)

Old hands will remember those strange LPs imported and distributed by Recommended back in the late '80s. A studio project, audibly influenced by the Residents, but not over-imitative, the Blitzoids mixed concrete- and tape-manipulations, noise, extended playing tech... more »

Code: AdHoc16
Price: £5.00

BELELLI, AVI: Strawberry Cream & Gunpowder

Code: ADHOC18
Price: £5.00


Tim Hodgkinson's first major project after Henry Cow with Bill Gilonis, Mick Hobbs & Rick Wilson. See was the third and last record the band released before it broke up, and was continuing to evolve, becoming more subtle, complex and rounded than the earlier albums,... more »

Code: AdHoc22
Price: £5.00

THE WORK: The 4th World

This would have been the band's last album, made two years after See. A live recording - arguably sounding better than the earlier studio recordings, doubtless in part thanks to Udi Koomran's post production work - it captures the energy and power of the band, and a... more »

Code: AdHoc36
Price: £5.00

GILONIS, BILL: The Hat Shoes - Differently Desperate

First released in 1991 the credits are impressive: the basic band is Bill, Catherine Jaunieux, Tom Cora and Charles Hayward, with guest including Tim Hodgkinson, David Thomas, Rick Brown, Amos and Chris Cochrane. This a remastered edition.... more »

Code: ADHOC23
Price: £5.00


The first from Bill for a long time, this is an abstract aural collage recorded between 2003 and 2006, over long distances by mail, that operates somewhere between soundscape and radio art, assembling environmental recordings, bits of broadcasts and other modified f... more »

Code: ADHOC24
Price: £5.00

HENRY COW: Unrest (ESD version).

The second Virgin LP, remixed, with extra tracks (The Glove, Torchfire). The first ESD reissue, with extra tracks (not on our reissue). But very inferior sound, collectors... more »

Code: ESD80492
Price: £5.00

ART BEARS: The Bonus Disc

The extra CD, which came with the box, containing further re-workings by John Oswald, Bob Drake, Fred Frith, Biota, Yasushi Utsunomiya, as well as live Art Bears tracks and a Duck and Cover cover. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimu... more »

Code: Bearsbonus
Price: £5.00

ROBERT, JOCELYN : Folie Culture

New work from JR to listen to or to not listen to; 'environmental' but very much present, this is an impossible work to categorise, but an evocative and innovative one; and to my taste a keystone of a new form. L Listen to a sample of this release ... more »

Price: £5.00


Studio recordings seven years in the honing. Plus music for a film by Jacques Leduc, with guest Tom Cora. Plus part of a live performance at Sound Symposium, Newfoundland. Listen to a sample of this release ... more »

Code: ReRLDCD1
Price: £5.00


A journey through complex, composed polyrhythmic pieces interspersed with careful, atmospheric improvisations for guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion and various objects. There is a quiet rigour, almost a formality, about this CD that is rather unusual for the new ce... more »

Code: ReRSM5
Price: £5.00

MACLEAN, STEVE: Frog Bug Guitar Computer

Steve is back with a truly original and unusual CD; very different from his other work - featuring, as the title proclaims, frogs and insects - recorded in the field - and guitar -, all subtly and intelligently processed (which is where the computer comes in); not t... more »

Code: ReRSM3
Price: £5.00


Four new compositions. (1) for Viola, Piano, Alto Sax, Percs and live processing (2) for Bb Clarinet and Tape (3) for a large number of instruments and a mass of brass; (4) for Voice (Federica Santoro) and a montage made from instrumental recordings of other pieces ... more »

Code: ReRTH2
Price: £5.00

CUTLER, CHRIS/DIMUZIO/VRTACEK: Preacher in naked Chase Guilty

 Concert recording of surround sound timescore project at REAL ART WAYS, Hartford CT. A document of musical, unmusical, non musical and extramusical events. Continuous, as played, but tracked to be reprogrammable in keeping with the score concept. Beautiful pa... more »

Code: PONK15
Price: £5.00

HAIL/SNAIL: How to live with a Tiger

Further adventures of HAIL's Susanne Lewis and Azalia Snail. 11 songs - richly instrumented with immanent CHAOS turning into sense. Interesting and extreme arrangements. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: FM-025
Price: £5.00


Recorded in London, Sheffield and Leeds in 1990. No description is required I guess. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: WOOF013
Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: THe Violin Factory

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: HCD001
Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: Double Indemnity

The 10 string double violin, two bodies, two bows, one neck - a real-time performance by Jon that puts the instrument through its microtonal, rhythmic and harmonic paces. With a 20 pp exposition concerning Dr Rosenberg's researches into Payawipayan violin music and ... more »

Code: HDCD005
Price: £5.00

Yoshihide, Otomo: Warhol Memory Disorder

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: yoshihideWarhol
Price: £5.00

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Crashing Icons

Based in Miami, this is a very interesting American band, ploughing its own furrow - whose accent is what they call 'prog' over there, but whose language is more complex by far. Pip Pyle adds a seasoned sophistication - in fact I think this is a great environment fo... more »

Code: M=R.2
Price: £5.00

PERE UBU: Song of the Bailing Man

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ubuBailing
Price: £5.00

KOVAC, BORIS: From Ritual Nova 1 and 2

Boris produced these careful and extended works over 14 years. RN 1, was only released in Jugoslavia (as was) and has long been only a collectors item. RN II was released on our POINTS EAST label. Now 70 minutes from both LP's have been assembled and remastered on o... more »

Code: ReRBKCD1
Price: £5.00

FAT: Magnetizer

Back on course, the old screaming, hi-chaos Fat rip through 50+ minutes without taking a breath. Nice work in now rare field real playing high energy electrics/noise, no samples, keyboards or horns. Strap yourself in and turn the volume to 11. Only available at ... more »

Code: MEGA003
Price: £5.00

SELFISH, BING and THE IDEALS: Dizzy with Success

Back, with more ambitious arrangements and new songs about the big issues, this is an enigmatic record with subtle and strange relations to the 2nd half of the C20. Parallel universe where the 60's never went away but but no one believed in them . I hope that's enig... more »

Price: £5.00

I.S.O.: I.S.O.

New formation with Ground Zero alumni Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko Matsubara and interesting newcomer Ichiraku Yoshimitsu (drums, electronics). Slow, abstract, rich with extremes, ambient.... more »

Code: AMOISO01
Price: £5.00


Every once in a while something comes along that mightily stirs my enthusiasm. This is one of those. Pedal Steel guitarist Mike Perlowin paid his dues in bars and clubs, dong what the instrument is famous for doing. But for his own project, released on his own labe... more »

Code: PM0362-2
Price: £5.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ambiences Magnetiques Sampler Vol.2

See above.... more »

Code: AM045CD
Price: £5.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Ambiances Magnetiques Sampler Vol 1

Is Montreal an extraordinary hotbed of outrageous talent ? Is it an example to us of of co-operation and proaction ? This CD proves it. Just great and the perfect guide to a tranche of exemplary composition/performance/improvisation/production. Only available at ... more »

Code: AM039CD
Price: £5.00


Price: £5.00

VARIOUS: Isole Che Parlano 00 03 (dbl CD)

The latest from the International Festival in Sardinia mixing contemporary and traditional musics. This CD includes Ne Zhdali, Tarafuki, Phil Minton, Veryan Weston, Gigou Chenevier, Shelley Hirsch, Haco, L'Ensemble Raye, Mike Keneally, Bratko Bibic, Mike Cooper, Pau... more »

Code: ICP01
Price: £5.00

DE SOUSA, PHILIPE: Boite a petits...

Pieces for Portugese guitar, classical guitar, fretless guitar, contrabasse, xylophone, and percussion, with occasional violin. All played by de Sousa (except the violin), always overdubbed in small string orchestras, sometimes piled up like a zither. An excellent, ... more »

Code: Audeo0405
Price: £5.00

REBELO, NUNO: Sabado 2. Minimal Show

Very very good collection of pieces written for theatre by ex avant-garde groupist, now art-purpose composer (a kind of Portugese Fred Frith would be very fair). Excellent - for all kinds of Guitars, Percussion, Keyboards, Horns, Samples. 26 pieces...Sound explorati... more »

Code: GGG001
Price: £5.00


5 pieces for synthesised instruments, based on the Bohlen/Pierce tuning system (so- 'out of tune') with strong rhythmic structure and thorough through- composition. Interesting and unusual.L... more »

Code: CAT8221
Price: £5.00

From A-Z: Starkland

Collection includes Tod DOCKSTADER, Pal DRESHER, Philip BIMSTEIN, Charles AMIRKHANIAN, Joseph KASINSKAS, Joseph LUKASIK and Pamela Z. More toward the mditative than the industrial, some excellent pieces. A useful sampler. L... more »

Code: ST203
Price: £5.00

GORNE, VANDE: Lambersy

Code: IMSO-9504-CD
Price: £5.00

PRIME, MICHAEL: Cellular Radar

... more »

Code: SPOR01
Price: £5.00


 Violin and processing, layers, drones, loops, slow developments.... more »

Code: AWCD0001
Price: £5.00


Price: £5.00

13th TRIBE, THE: Ping Pong Anthropology:

website ... more »

Code: RERE174CD
Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: The Virtual Violin

Includes the Australian Radio Drama 'Play it again Doc' and the classic title track- a scurrilous meditation on fame starring virtual Madonna, McCartneys etc. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: MEGA009
Price: £5.00

HAYWARD, CHARLES: Escape from Europe

Recorded and released in Japan, ex This Heat drummer (in case there's anyone who doesn't know) Charles Hayward performs both old and new material with his usual power and flair. It's good to have a document measuring his current programme, now well honed and integra... more »

Code: LSR001
Price: £5.00

Hayward, Charles: Near and Far

 ... more »

Code: haywardNearFar
Price: £5.00

SNELL, JERRY: Life in the Suicide Riots

 ... more »

Code: AM023CD
Price: £5.00

LEPAGE, ROBERT: Les Choses Dernieres

Code: AM035CD
Price: £5.00

RATTE, MICHAEL: Passages et Derives

This is improvised music on the rare pattern of the late '60's- clean, confident, decentred, dry, 'composed', intentional, like independent worlds that make a kind of hyper-sense. Beautifully made and very open listening. main instruments are percussion and prepared... more »

Code: AMIM941
Price: £5.00

FAUBERT, MICHAEL: Maudite Memoire

 ... more »

Code: AM021CD
Price: £5.00

PALO ALTO: Grands Succedanes (20 min)

Code: OCD002
Price: £5.00

KARL EIN KARL: Karl ein Karl

 Interesting and well recorded CD of played organised and improvised pieces, very listenable, varied and engaging. Bass, Voice, electronics, electric and acoustic guitar, cello mainly. Intelligent and well designed booklet and careful listening proposals (spec... more »

Code: UTR4039CD
Price: £5.00

KALAHARI SURFERS: The Eighties Vol. 2

The second collection, from the Recommended vinyl releases of South Africa's most radical white band of the '80s; this one of tracks from the third and fourth releases - 'Sleep Armed' and 'Bigger than Jesus' - with a few tracks from the rare 'Own Affairs' thrown in.... more »

Code: MDCD008
Price: £5.00


The second LP reissued. Classic. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: Woof015
Price: £5.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Step to Another World (sampler)

 ... more »

Code: RECDEC50
Price: £5.00

BATES, MARTYN: Chamber Music 2

Code: SR91
Price: £5.00


Code: SR72
Price: £5.00


Price: £5.00

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Transforms - The Nerve Events Project

Code: CUNEIFORM550011
Price: £5.00

WATKINS, KIT: Wet Dark And Low

Code: LM2019
Price: £5.00

GOIKOETXEA, JOXAN: Egurraren Orpotik Dator

Code: CDNO-04
Price: £5.00


Price: £5.00


Ensemble Music for Theatre. Covers a lot of ground. Scarce Jugoslavian pressing.... more »

Code: TARCD004
Price: £5.00


Vol 4. Haco, Filament, Steve Buchanan, Tudosok, Otomo Yoshihide, Chris Cutler and NORMA, Phantasmagoria, Eva Kant ensemble, Otomo Yoshihide, Zu-metaxu,... more »

Code: ringRing99
Price: £5.00


 25 pieces of 'Work in Progress' from La Festa L'Unita 1993 in Bologna. Not only a 'sampler' of the extraordinarily fertile and active Bolognese music scene, but also a fascinating and satisfying CD. Includes N.O.R.M.A. (with Phil Minton), OBAN Sax Quartet, Ca... more »

Code: SLCD1024
Price: £5.00

WOODBURY, BRIAN: All White People Look Alike

Timely reissue of Woodbury's classic 1987 song rant, previously released in a small scarce vinyl edition. There are song blocks, ranting blocks, interesting arrangement blocks - all adding up to an impressive and quite unique 20 minute wind up. Don't drink coffee b... more »

Code: SomePhil6
Price: £5.00

PUSH PULL: Maquette

Eccentrically played and interrupted blues-rock-jazz- sort-of-thing, gone terribly wrong, but in a unique and fascinating way. Well played, funny, imaginative and one-of-a-kind vignettes. Interesting.... more »

Code: SONG1001
Price: £5.00

HELLER: To the Verge

Price: £5.00

CARPENTER, PAUL: Achter Glas, Landschap With Laura

A record of parts, sectors in differing styles, mostly related to contemporary classical and composed jazz. Some outstanding sections and some I'd skip. Overall, an interesting record.... more »

Code: WAM1
Price: £5.00

Curran, Alvin: Toto Angelica

Alvin was given all the recordings of all the concerts from the many years of the Angelica Festival to do with what he would. This is what he did. Much of the result is fairly abstract electroacoustic music - a lot of treatments - so best to think of this as an Alvi... more »

Code: IDA020
Price: £5.00

NEGATIVLAND: Negativconcertland

Negativconcertland is a limited Edition DOUBLE CD of a live concert including all the things you're not supposed to hear. Impressive - and funny. An instant collectors' item, great document and piece of history. L:... more »

Code: X180G
Price: £5.00


4 dance type remixes of Faust's 'Wir brauchen Dich' by Ball (Soft Cell) and Vauk. Not sure whom it's aimed at, but Andy Wilson who runs the Faust fan/website seems very convinced by it. I quite liked the fourth, but otherwise I'm not the guy to ask, the remixes seem... more »

Price: £5.00

SPECCHIO ENSEMBLE: Suite No. 1 per Quintetto Doppio

Title tells you, for double quintet (drums, Bass, Sax, Keyboards, Electric Guitars) Conducted and composed, with improvising. The Quintets pull every trick - playing together, intercut, bits of one and the other, and so on. Enough composition, arrangement and imagin... more »

Code: CAICAI005
Price: £5.00


For large chamber ensemble and choir. This is a huge and substantial work, uniting classical and folk motifs and arrangements.... more »

Code: IDA015
Price: £5.00

BING SELFISH: Songs of inexperience

Recorded before an invited audience at the Bogota Football Stadium in the 5th year of his voluntary exile, a tearful but defiant Bing mounts again the bucking bronco of his turbulent and lonely life. You can almost feel this tiny figure, pinned like an entomological... more »

Code: Inexperience
Price: £5.00

NORRIS, T.J.: Trimix

Code: INNOVA121
Price: £5.00

BING SELFISH: The Unstrument Soundtrack

Howls of frustrated desire echoed from the world’s pampered socialites as they tried and failed to lift the soundtrack from Bing’s pseudonymous movie hit. So now they’ll be happy; the soundtrack CD makes even less sense than the award-winning film. These curiously a... more »

Code: Unstrument CD
Price: £5.00


Originally released on 7" vinyl, now available as an 8cm mini-CD. Limited quantity.... more »

Price: £5.00

THIS HEAT: Nivelles

8cm mini-CD. Originally the subscription item with the This Heat box. Limited quantity.... more »

Price: £5.00


Tim's second solo clarinet CD, very different from the first. Not casual listening, this is a very concentrated, exposed and close reading of the instrument and its possibilities. Initmate and immediate.... more »

Code: ZRTH3
Price: £5.00

SUN RA: Jazz Session (DVD)

Professionally produced black and white film of the Arkhestra in France in 1972, featuring: Somebody Else's Idea. Watusi. Discipline. Synth... more »

Price: £5.00

THIS HEAT: Blue and Yellow.

Unshrinkwrapped, but new, copies of this landmark CD. Limited quantitiy.... more »

Code: ThisHeat
Price: £5.00


They just get better and better with each release. A sextet now (acoustic but with some discreet electronics), the compositional tone has also changed; it’s less austere and warmer now - though still pared back. And it’s beautifully recorded and mixed with a wide va... more »

Code: RV 10
Price: £5.00

BIOTA: Object Holder

Stunning work that breaks new ground; an extraordinary achievement that was 3 years in the making and rewrote lot of rules in passing. With texts and singing by the inimitable Susanne Lewis, the CD also features contributions from Charles Vrtacek (Piano), Andy Kredt... more »

Code: ReRBCD4
Price: £5.00


The first release by the Blegvad Trio (Peter Blegvad, John Greaves, Chris Cutler). Compiled over two years without the pressure of Peter's major label releases, giving time for the songs and for Peter's singing to speak for themselves. Widely diverse in style, with... more »

Code: ReRPB1
Price: £5.00

CASSIBER: A Face We All Know

Christoph Anders, Heiner Goebbels, and Chris Cutler. "A Face" breaks new ground altogether; it is a single work with texts by Chris Cutler, Rainald Geotz and Thomas Pynchon and documents the last days of a political nightmare. Beginners start here. L Liste... more »

Code: ReRCCD
Price: £5.00

CASSIBER: Perfect Worlds

Code: ReRCCD3
Price: £5.00

CUTLER, CHRIS/FRITH, FRED: Live in Trondheim etc

Digital recordings from the Nordlydd Contemporary Music Festival and Berlin's Tacheles from 1991. Plus the historic prescient noise-music 1978 analogue recording from Limoges as a bonus. All singing, all dancing, all hell let loose. Float like a butterfly, sting lik... more »

Price: £5.00

CUSACK, PETER: Favourite Sounds of Berlin.

A beautifully realised sound homage to the city of Berlin, presenting its signature sounds, exquisitely recorded, in a carefully documented and evocatively designed package. There’s not a lot more to say; This does exactly what it says on the cover. Only availabl... more »

Code: ReRPC5
Price: £5.00


Reissue of the 1989 dance music album, with Joey Baron, Tom Cora and George Cartwright. One of Fred's open field type compositions - where parallel events proceed serenely, coinciding half-unpredictably, but still often enough to sound connected. There is continuity... more »

Code: ReRFRO07
Price: £5.00

FRITH, FRED: Nowhere . Sideshow . Thin Air

Three commissions for dance (3 different choreographers), one [2000] performed by Fred and Carla Kihlstedt, one [2001] by Fred and Carla with Fred Guiliano, (samples) and Gail Brand (trombone) and the last [2007[ with Fred, Hande Erdem (violin) and Threresa Wong ((... more »

Code: ReRFRA07
Price: £5.00

PHILLIPIS, ALAIN DE: Ton Dieu etc...

8cm mini CD. Part of the Collection Cinema pour l'oreille.... more »

Code: MKCD013
Price: £5.00

DUCHENNE, JEAN-MARK: Feuillets D' Album

8cm mini CD. Part of the Collection Cinema pour l'oreille.... more »

Code: MKCD016
Price: £5.00


8cm mini-CD. Part of the Collection Cinema pour l'oreille.... more »

Code: MKCD12
Price: £5.00

ASCIONE, PATRICK: Metamorphose.

8cm mini-CD. Part of the COllection Cinema pout l'oreille.... more »

Code: MKCD14
Price: £5.00

MION, PHILIPPE: Confidence.

8cm mini-CD. Part of the Collection Cinema pour l'oreille.... more »

Code: MKCD017
Price: £5.00


8cm mini-CD. Part of the Collection Cinema pour l'oreille.... more »

Code: MKCD22
Price: £5.00

ROSE, JON: Violin Music for Restaurants

'Violin', a Radio work based on Jo 'Doc' Rosenberg's 'BOO' theory - songlines applied to restaurant tables. Includes theatre, noise, golden 4th dimension standards, vox humana and help from Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne, Alvin Curran, Luc Houtkamp, Joelle Leandre,... more »

Price: £5.00

HOMOSEXUALS, THE : The Homosexuals CD

The Homosexuals appeared, stunned everyone who heard them and then disappeared. Between 1978 and 1982 they released 2 singles and a 12" EP. The three of them individually, under various names, also released a stack of other material, but as The Homosexuals they, cur... more »

Code: ReRHS1
Price: £5.00

WHEN: Black, White and Grey

A complete new work plus 'Death In The Blue Lake'. Combines playing and through-composition with manipulated and environmental sound in dramatic, narrative, psychological constructions. Quite unique. 'Death' based on a novel; texts in new works by Chris Cutler. Book... more »

Price: £5.00

ZNR: Barricades 3

The legendary first LP reissued. One of the more extraordinary groups of all time; bizarre, minimal, Satiesque, Les Six and Brasilian echoes; clear as crystal, completely impenetrable, innocent and ironic. There never was before, nor has been ever again anything qui... more »

Code: ReRZNR1
Price: £5.00


A collection of various songs and extended songs that Fred has made over the years, including a samples and newspaper project made for WDR (radio) and tributes to Bert Bacharach and Serge Gainsbourg. This is Fred in studio mode, writing great songs - sadly a genera... more »

Code: ReRFRA02
Price: £5.00

FRITH, FRED: Middle of the Moment

Continuing the definitive Fred edition, this is the CD based on Fred's music for the second film he made with Humbert and Penzel - following nomads - that features, along with Fred's compositions and re-workings, a restless and gripping unfolding of atmospheric loca... more »

Code: RERFRO05
Price: £5.00

CASSIBER: Man or Monkey

Code: ReRCCD1
Price: £5.00

THIS HEAT: Live 80/81

Limited numbers, now available as a single cd, shrinkwrapped. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: This Is 6
Price: £5.00


Featuring the all-star cast of Charles Hayward, Hugh Hopper, Lol Coxhill and Orphy Robinson (vibraphone, steel drums), with guest Robert Wyatt on cornet. Eight strong pieces in a rock-inflected, improvisation-empowered, loose - but not too loose - free-associating o... more »

Code: TINU001
Price: £5.00

THIS HEAT: Repeat.

Limited copies, shrinkwrapped. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Price: £5.00

NECKS, THE: Chemist

New studio work featuring three long pieces in classic Necks minimal/maximal style. Why waste words? Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Price: £5.00

65 GUITARISTS (ONE AT A TIME): The $100 Guitar Project (dbl CD)

Sometimes a great notion: Charles O’Meara (the artist formerly known as Chuck Vrtacek) stumbles across a $100 guitar; he and Nick Didkovsky buy it and then send it around to 63 other guitarists who each record a shortish piece (they can keep the guitar for the maxim... more »

Code: BRIDGE9381
Price: £5.00

FALCONE, JOHN: In the Wabe.

Duos (mostly) with three excellent pianists (playing keys and quite a lot of inside the body, notably Adolfo Reisin: quite Crumbian). There’s also a typewriter and a cello. And one solo track. Some fine playing, though perhaps a shorter CD would have been better, bu... more »

Price: £5.00


Two CDs, two duos. Caroline features on both and the label is hers too. For lovers of the very small and unforceful, these CDs are both assured and enigmatic. And it's always a pleasure to hear Susan Alcorn.... more »

Code: MassProducersCD02
Price: £5.00

KAMPEC DOLORES: Foldayana Egapa

Latest release by Hungary's finest.... more »

Code: A38
Price: £5.00


Code: KampecKoncert
Price: £5.00

DENIO, AMY: Birthing Chair Blues

;Amy solo with her best so far, playing guitar, bass, saxes like a demon and singing better than ever. Strong arrangements, exact and exiting use of musical sound, and beautiful, seductive recording. Lyrical, tough, mysterious in proportions not available elsewhere.... more »

Code: KFWCD-111
Price: £5.00


This is an auxiliary to the RIO DVD with extra interview material and extra tracks by Thinking Plague, Aranis, Hamster Theatre, Stormy Six, Rabbit Rabbit, Yugen, Ruins and Miriodor, ... more »

Price: £5.00


On this new CD, the aesthetic mutates again. The instrumentation – four saxophones, used orchestrally and for the most part chordally, contrabass, tuned percussion, rhythm programming and small electronics are sparely deployed in highly compositional contexts. There... more »

Code: RV11
Price: £5.00

NECKS, THE: Aether

Another remarkable performance from a group that has no peer and belongs to no genre or movement. Minimal in an essential and structural sense, they succeed where more formal attempts founder, in re-forming subjective time in a way that is genuinely gripping and as... more »

Price: £5.00

WALL, JOHN: Constructions V-VII

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: UtterpsalmCDx
Price: £5.00

NECKS, THE: Mosquito/See Through (dbl)

On the one hand, they seem to be releasing too many CDs - on the other, they are so different and so good you really need to have them. This time they offer two long pieces, both exquisite, of which Mosquito is, in my opinion, destined for greatness. Since the demo ... more »

Code: ReRNECKS5/6
Price: £5.00

FAUST: BBC Sessions

Mostly recorded in fact at Wumme and broadcast in 1972, plus 25 minutes of other unreleased materials from the classic period. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum 4 titles) ... more »

Code: ReRF5
Price: £5.00


Contemporaries of Pere Ubu and best known for their work with the Numbers Band, Bob and Jack Kidney were also essential to David Thomas’ Mirror Man project. These are stripped down, guitar based songs/stories with deep roots - the deep, dark, bluesy kind of roots. R... more »

Code: ReRKB1
Price: £5.00

PERNOT, LOUIS: Livre de luth de Perrine

The Book of Perrine comprises some of the most beautiful pieces ever written for baroque lute. Often considered a Rosetta Stone for the lute world, these pieces were some of the very few to be transcribe by a contemporary of the authors, from tablature to modern te... more »

Code: ADHOC11
Price: £5.00

RUTTMANN, WALTER: Weekend (8cm CD)

The legendary CLASSIC prophetic early Concrete (pre Schaeffer) Radio work. This is history. Congratulations to Metamkine for this. Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: MKCD010
Price: £5.00

FAUST: Ravivvando

Ravvivando is the new studio album by FAUST, the legendary inventors of Kraut Rock. Ravvivando is Italian for 'growing faster, giving life', and this perfectly captures the spirit of the music. Last year Faust split with former member Jean Herve Peron, who is rumour... more »

Code: FRAV
Price: £5.00

FRITH, FRED: Cheap at half the price

Fred's third LP for Ralph Records, back in 1983, was a collection of four-track home studio songs (and a couple of instrumental pieces) in which Fred played all the instruments (exceptions: two bass cameos from Tina Curran and Bill Laswell, and some great drum sampl... more »

Code: ReRFRO06
Price: £5.00

FRITH. FRED: Speechless

After Gravity, where he worked with The Muffins and Samla Mammas Manna, this was Fred's second solo release for The Residents' Ralph Records, this time working with French RIO band Etron Fou Leloublan - notably their drummer, Gigou Chenevier, who makes a major music... more »

Code: ReRFRO04
Price: £5.00


Closely composed, calculatedly dissonant, quite minimal and brutally austere, this is not a record to roll the carpet back for. But it’s intriguing nonetheless; no one else I can think of organises their resources in quite this way, eschewing pulse and consonance, b... more »

Code: RV9
Price: £5.00

GLORIA COATES: String Quartet No. 9, Sonata for Violin Solo, Lyric Suite for Piano Trio

Three more great pieces from one of the late C20’s true originals. If you don’t know Gloria already, I’d start with symphonies 1, 7 & 14, just to pick up the language. Otherwise, here’s some interesting variations and extensions. Only available at this price as ... more »

Code: 8.559666
Price: £5.00

TAROZZI, SILVIA: Virgin Violin.

Half the CD is taken up by Circle Process, the result of composer Pascal Criton and Silvia Tarozzi working in very close collaboration - and it’s pretty extraordinary. For a long time indeed, it’s not even obvious what it is you’re listening to. There’s a catalogue ... more »

Code: IDA028
Price: £5.00

BANDA ELASTICA: Aqui, alla y aculla

A career retrospective from this impressive and versatile Mexican rock/composed/improvised/ chamber group, featuring guitar, drums, percussion, marimba, bass, flute, saxophone. Ranging from 1994 to 2008, New York to Trondheim and at home in Queretaro - with various ... more »

Code: CDLN-50
Price: £5.00

THE CAPYBARAS: Stropicalia.

The Capybaras are back with 12 new songs penned mostly by their leader and heart-throb Bing Selfish – still grouching about his runaway success at the golden globes – but in fine fettle, obviously - that stroppy in the title isn’t just a spelling aberration. In othe... more »

Code: CAPY002
Price: £5.00

SELFISH, BING: Space College & The Theory of Everything [Expanded Universe Edition]

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Price: £5.00

THE CAPYBARAS - It's Capybara Time!

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: CAPY1
Price: £5.00

FRITH, FRED: Step across the Border

Another classic. Along with the Film for which it was a soundtrack this CD follows Fred's work through improvising, group exposition and directed composition (so there is a soundtrack in the film and a soundtrack to the film - both intermingled). This is as broad in... more »

Code: ReRFRO03
Price: £5.00

GROUND ZERO: Consume Red

First Volume of a three CD project. Ground Zero makes a monster structure that starts screaming and gets more and more intense and massive until you don't imagine there is anywhere else to go. Then it gets bigger. A classic. L Only available at this price as part... more »

Code: ReRGZ2
Price: £5.00

NECKS, THE: Townsville

The Necks in quiet mood recorded at a concert recording in Townsville, Thuringowa, Northern Queensland. Though many Necks' pieces open with - or eventually arrive at - some discernable groove, Townsville just floats in a state of suspension from beginning to end. I... more »

Price: £5.00

FAUST: 71 Minutes of..

Compiled from "lost" and unreleased material released to us on the 10th Anniversary of their disbandment (inc.prophetic pre-dub mixing) as well as most of the unreleased "FAUST PARTY 3" LP. L Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 ... more »

Code: ReRF1CD
Price: £5.00


A beautifully recorded and produced cycle of pieces that combine complexity and precision with rich and unfamiliar timbres. The ensemble pieces amplify and enrich a core piano with various combinations of harmonium, double bass, violin, percussion, Hungarian zither,... more »

Code: ReRST4
Price: £5.00

EXILES: Jon Rose, Tony Buck, Joe Williamson

You trembled at Slawterhouse, now GASP at Exiles- violin, electronics, samples, drums, contrabasse. Too many big beats for jazz, too fast for speed metal, too musical for its own good, too many jokes for serious music, more adrenaline than SPEED II; drive your gerbi... more »

Price: £5.00


Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: BA00201
Price: £5.00

GREINKE, JEFF: In Another Place

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: FM2010
Price: £5.00

MOLECULES, THE: Down Under the Black Light

Speed Metal/Punk/Cut-up vignettes - tight, shocking arrangements, the kind of band that takes no prisoners. We originally took these for distribution only. Not for the squeamish.... more »

Code: MEGA007
Price: £5.00


For guitar and piano mainly, sometimes with bass and some kind of synthesised keyboard, these exquisite and deceptively simple pieces are rather like underwater plant fronds, drifting in an uncertain current. Delicate but with deep roots, they fill space in large pa... more »

Code: turnerLloydHints
Price: £5.00

BRIAN WOODBURY: Town and Country

A great record. Just a handful of people on the planet are still working at this level of commitment with mainstream form, slightly twisted – believing, I can only assume, it to be the path to a kind of sublime - a modest perfection that marries great writing, inspi... more »

Code: some Phil 8
Price: £5.00

MOSS/OTTO/SCHULTE: The day we forgot

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles) ... more »

Code: NML9118CD
Price: £5.00

BIOTA: Cape Flyaway

After 5 years of extensive and careful work, the new and much anticipated CD by this extraordinary collective, who have no parallels, no rivals and no peers, is at last complete. It’s a dense and indescribable orchestration of electric and acoustic guitars, clavioli... more »

Code: ReRBCD7
Price: £5.00


Update. Getting close now. It’ll be 6 CDs and a DVD. One of the CDs is The Way it Was (see above) is being pre-released, so subscribers will get this immediately (in a specially designed jewelcase that will not be in the box).

Cassiber (phonetically: ‘a message smuggled out of prison’) crashed like a locomotive into the Deutsche Neue Welle. Founded by Heiner Goebbels, Alfred Harth, Christoph Anders and Chris Cutler (his first major project after News From Babel), Cassiber managed to fuse materials and attitudes drawn from experimental rock, fringe jazz, punk, pop, plunderphonics, improvisation, close structure and musique concrete into an energetic and complex form of studio (and then concert) composition unique in its fusion of highly diverse experimental approaches to form with risky, emotional and expressive execution. Through a deep connection between instrumentation, form and topicality, their musical evolution tracked and anticipated the political and technological changes of their time. Thus, in the course of their 10 years of intermittent touring and 4 records they evolved significantly through the high stakes energy of the earlier releases into their later, more complex and composed, studio works (by which time they had become a trio: Goebbels, Anders, Cutler) with access to the new (first) generation of polyphonic samplers. Highly radical, their music opened up song form by abandoning, extending or crashing sideways into it – and was built mainly out of noise, libido, high musicality and, uniquely at the time, a great deal of cultural debris. This box collects it all (most of it out of print for some time now) alongside a lot of unreleased material – and full concert DVD.

The 4 released albums will be thoroughly re-mastered and there will be two CDs of unreleased studio and live material, covering Cassix and Duck and Cover too, and one DVD (about 2 hours) of live and studio footage, including a mini documentary made during the recording of ‘A Face We All Know’. All in the usual sturdy box with a fat booklet of documents, interviews, information, photographs, pictures, itineraries and miscellaneous memorabilia. Subscribers will also get an extra, otherwise unavailable, CD in a limited and numbered edition.

Code: cassiberBox
Price: £65


Historic numbered art edition: 14 CDs, book and box [£70] pe/box

We are very slowly moving toward a number that may make this release possible but we are not there yet...

The Rock experiments of Eastern Europe were no less interesting (though they were somewhat rarer) than those in the West, but they went undocumented for years - they made no commercial or official CDs and could not tour. Concerts were rare even in their own countries. Outside, to all intents and purposes, they didn’t exist. To begin to redress this lack, in the late ‘80s, Recommended launched Points East, a label dedicated only to this music. Because of its historical importance - and musical excellence - we plan to manufacture a very limited edition of the 8 PE LPs (re-mastered on CD), plus 3 or 4 extra CDs filling in further details of the music of the various territories in that time, mostly taken from other Recommended releases as yet not reissued - including the extraordinary ‘Raab’ and Zygmunt Krauze’s luminous ‘Folk Music’- plus a couple of CDs with samples of other groups from the time and new materials by the original artists. All the CDs will be in facsimile edition, fully re-mastered, in a box with a fat book outlining the way it was in the old East and the way it is now, as well as a more general overview of experimental music in each of the territories. In other words this will be an historic documentation of a missing part of the history of progressive and experimental music, a documentation much needed. It will be made to our usual standards and very thoroughly documented, but we want to make it as cheap as possible - since this for art’s sake; it’s certainly not a commercial proposition. So we will try to keep the 12 CDs, box and book down to £58 - close to cost. However, origination, manufacturing and production costs will be huge, and we will only be able to make it if there is sufficient interest and enough pledged advance orders. To that end, if you are interested in this project, please subscribe – just write in and say you want your name put down, we will not take any money until and unless the box is actually realised. If and when we reach a viable number, we will announce the issue, confirm your subscriptions and go ahead.

- The original PE series was:
BORIS KOVACS. Ritual Nova 2 (YU)
ZGA. Zga (Riga)
STRANGE GAMES, Strange Games (Russia)
BORUT KRZISNIK Currents of Time (Slovenia)
KAMPEC DOLORES Levitation (Hungary)
REPORTAZ. Reportaz (Poland)
PULNOC. Midnight Mouse (Czechoslovakia)


Always Sound

Will Menter, a sound and sound installation artist, sculptor and musician with whom many of you will be familiar through the various CDRs of his work we have already distributed, has now gathered together a substantial 200 page book of photographs and texts documenting his work, along with a set of 3 CDs that give some sense of its range and subtlety. It’s a co-release, so it will be available from us eventually, as well as directly from him. Right now he is raising production money, with various inducements and extras, here:

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