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ZEENA PARKINS: Double Dupe Down
ZEENA PARKINS: Double Dupe Down
Great work from Zeena in a smorgasbord of styles taken from the music made for five films. Playing partners on these compositions include Sara and Maggie Parkins, Ikue Mori, Christian Marclay, Shelley Hirsch, Jim Staley, Okyung Lee, Willie Wynant David Watson and Matthew Welsh (the last two on bagpipes), and Jim Pugliese. Zeena plays acoustic and electric harps, and these compositions are…not to pussyfoot around about it … stunningly great. Eclectic in their scope, they span the known musical spectrum, leaking out into the x-ray and infra-red, mixing, en route, styles across and inside each piece in the most extraordinary way, exhibiting a scary mastery, furthermore, of at least a score or more of different musical languages - and technologies: noise, exquisite, pared down compositions, lounge fragments, tapework - and detail, detail, detail. It’s a joy to listen to. And well sequenced , breaking up likes and juxtaposing contrast. And then, the sisters – track 9, just keep pressing the repeat button. I observe, when everything comes together, it’s not just better, it signals a qualitative leap into a new musical sensibility and, for me, this is the CD is where Zeena steps over her own threshold into a new world. Have I made myself clear enough? Buy it.

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Price: £15.50