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* This is a recording that has a powerful aura about it; it has touch. That's hard to explain or put differently, but the components of this CD are at once mysterious and self contained; they communicate but as if under immense pressure - and they never quite break out into our familiar world. Cphon is a 20 minute piece, his first new work in 2 years, from one of the true originals. Not part of any fashion, trend or movement, John Wall has just followed the sound from his early plundered assemblies on, arriving at this hermetic, perfectly crafted and deeply alien work. Yves Tanguay may spring to mind (depending on your synaesthetic associations), maybe something less spatially open, but there is that sense of 'air from another planet' (Schoenberg quoting Stefan George) about these defiant, suppressed sonic populations.

Code: UtterpsalmCD7
Price: £9.75