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The incomparable Paulo Angelli, who fits no category and whose unique instrument and often apparently impossible playing techniques produce a deep, resonant, nuanced and completely grounded music, never far from a folk root, but enriched with so many strands drawn from the bottomless pool that it escapes genre and seem to talk directly to a shared Western contemporary musical sensibility. And itís not more of the same, Paulo is ploughing a new furrow again, this time liminally orchestral Ė he should be writing film scores - with fine attention to detail and unexpected switches of vocabulary. Organised as a six-part suite for prepared Sardinian guitar, vocals, some electronics and guest Omar Bandinu (Sardinian throat singing), this CD follows a more meditative path than earlier releases. Itís music for a darkened room - immersive, borderline psychedelic Ė even courageous. I donít know who else could make such a sustained and self-contained statement of dreamlike suspension work. Exemplary recording and mixing. Deep subtext. Highly impressive.

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Price: £14.50