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WOODBURY, BRIAN: Anthems and Antithets (4 CD Set)
WOODBURY, BRIAN: Anthems and Antithets (4 CD Set)
4-Volume Magnum Opus – with 80+ songs of Levity, Balladry, Ideology & Rhapsody
Over the next year Brian will be releasing a linked set of CDs in 4 Volumes, two years in the making, each in a very different register - a songwriting masterclass if he can pull it off and, on past form, I believe he can: the man studied with Tom Lehrer, after all, and his work to date has grown ever better: seriously great songs, sharp lyrics, impressive musicians. His four seasons will be: 1) Funny. 2) Heartfelt. 3) Political and 4) Arty. You’ll get a new instalment every 3 months.
More specifically, Brian works in Hollywood (Disney cartoons, television, theatre) and on the Hollywood art fringe…thing like these releases what hyper-talented people do to stay sane…The musicians here are all, you know, quite good at what they do – and the orchestrations they’re given, trust me, run the full gamut. So, a major undertaking by serious professionals who work for love on things they love - extra collaborators include Van Dyke Parks, Joe Moe, David Yazbek, Jill Sobule & Terri Roche Nathan Lane & Lisa Loeb, Elma Mayer, Marc Doten, Kimara Sajn (not all household names in our neck of the woods but they should be, google will elucidate). Even I get a walk on part. Obligatory legitimation references must include: “Not since... the wondrous works of young Brian Wilson... have I heard sound of this romantic design. Indispensable.” Van Dyke Parks’; ”..a multi-talented musician, bordering on genius. …he should be up there with Zappa and Beefheart.” BBC Radio 3, Mixing It. He studied with Bernard Rands, Pauline Olivieros and Tom Lehrer...
Volume 1: Levity & Novelty (Feb. 1, 2020)
27 songs, from indie-pop to theatrical numbers to a Tom Lehrer cover.
Volume 2: Balladry & Soliloquy (May 1)
22 personal songs and story songs.
Volume 3: Antipathy & Ideology (Aug 1)
20+ political & protest songs, and other subversive activities.
Volume 4: Rhapsody & Filigree (Nov 1)
Art songs, progressive, psychedelic, experimental.

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The individual CDs will be available separately

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