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GLANDIEN, LUTZ: Some Days in the Life of a Tree
GLANDIEN, LUTZ: Some Days in the Life of a Tree
To a long background in formal composition and electroacoustics, as well as work at the more experimental end of rock - in the 70s with the Dresden band Schicht Theatre, and in the 90s with Dagmar Krause, Fred Frith, Alfred Harth and Chris Cutler on Domestic Stories - Lutz Glandien on this, his fourth solo release for ReR, adds narrative and dramaturgical skills acquired through decades of work in art radio. Years in the making, Some Days in the Life of a Tree weaves together layers of acoustic instruments, environmental sounds and state of the art digital processing to create a chiaroscuro of otherworldly scenes - unfamiliar but organic and acoustic at root - to conjure a world out of a wide archive of recordings, not limited to spoken words, wind turbines, machinery, tractors, water, waves, aquarium pumps, crockery and glasses, laboratory sounds, a lobotomy saw, weapons, lasers, a heart monitor, an intensive care unit; computer sounds, forest sounds, the felling of a tree, steps, various birds and insects, whales, dolphins, a walrus, a fox, a hares, frogs, monochords, a clarinet, a tuba and small percussion. With an approach to sound that owes more to contemporary cinema than music, this is a both allusive and immersive work that rewards hi-fidelity listening.

Code: ReRLG4
Price: £12.50