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ZEITGEIST: In Bone Coloured Light
Five commissions from five composers for an interesting ensemble of 2 percussionists, one woodwind player and a pianist. The orchestrations are inventive - to the extent that the limitations of the instrumentation go unnoticed. While all the pieces are rewarding, Jerome Kitzke's (b. 1955) is worth the CD. It's also the longest. Exquisitely orchestrated and highly inventive (with additional use of voices and whistles), it employs a markedly eclectic sense of musical language - like the best of film music - ready to use any and all materials, and any and all sensibilities, gleaned from all manner of musics, popular and unpopular. This pretty much escapes genre, though retaining exceptionally high performance values. Kathy Jackanich's piece one could imagine, with different instrumentation, performed by a '70s experimental group, Ethan Wickman too uses a lot of devices familiar to listeners of the fringe musics of the '60s and '70s. Only the first track is identifiable (as a branch of Glass/Adams minimalism; rather predictable and skipable) the rest is worth investigating, I think.

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Price: £14.50