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QUARTERLY, ReR:  Vol 4 No. 2 CD
QUARTERLY, ReR: Vol 4 No. 2 CD
CD contains commissioned works by Q.R. Ghazala: Sacrifice To Isis, , Mike Hovancsek/Paul Guerguerian:Three Cold Floors, Tom Dimuzio: Inception, Marie Goyette: Short-Cuts: Brahms, Ken Ando: Danseuse, Robert Iolini: Congo, Zimbabwe, Giovanni Venosta: Le Ombre Di Otello, Keith Rowe/A. De Fillips: Feu Brilliant, Brian Woodbury's Variety Orchestra:Shenandoah/Innsbruck, Richard Barrett: The Unthinkable, Stevan Tickmayer: Heterophony, Volapuk: Des objets de la plus grande importance, Boris Kovacs: Extract, Philip Perkins: Virgo Ramayana, Shelley Hirsch/ Jon Rose/Chris Cutler: After Hours/The Colour Of Blood.

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles)

Code: ReR0402
Price: £5.00