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4TRECK:   No. 3: :
4TRECK: No. 3: :
CD-R. Third by Sam Callow, a kind of more experimental instrumental R. Stevie Moore, who works on stretches of time building musical structures that aren't really pieces the way a group or a soloist would make pieces. They are melodic, rhythmical (often poly- or additively) and not at all abstract or electronic. Care is taken with sound, not to make it strange, just to make it essential. Wide instrumentation, no winds though. Sketches, but the kind of sketches you keep and which sometimes capture something elusive and haunting. This one: Big sounds, odd rhythms, plunderwork, stretched structures, strangeness. Even some lounge exotica (almost). Start here. Limited No.websitewebsitewebsitewebsitewebsitewebsitewebsitewebsite

Code: 4TRECK:No.3
Price: £14.00