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KALASH, DIRAR: Of Quietude
KALASH, DIRAR: Of Quietude
Another great, in fact important, release from Discus. I quote from them: Dirar Kalash is an improvising musician from Ramallah in Palestine, where opportunities to perform are non-existent; even access to an instrument is at present impossible. This recording was made on a rare visit to the UK earlier in the year (2020) at St. Paulís Hall in Huddersfield (excellent acoustics). The plan was record some compositions, but encountering such a first class instrument after so long, Kalash chose instead to improvise. The two long pieces on this CD - making the most of the match of instrument and acoustics - relate in their pace - and concentration on touch, suspension and a kind of pointillism - mostly (as I hear it) to Morton Feldman (timbral, non metric, restraint; a trust in instinct) and Karlheinz Stockhausen (moment form). Emotional complexity and intelligence saturate the performance, but itís the sound and the absence of narrative (and genre) that make this a highly unusual experience.
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