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» AAAAAAAAXB(Aaaaaaaaxb): The best of ...

AAAAAAAAXB(Aaaaaaaaxb): The best of ...
AAAAAAAAXB(Aaaaaaaaxb): The best of ...
[also, clearly nothing to do with ALAN JENKINS]<p>
[All these bands are real. Probably. Alan isnít just making them up. Probably. Maybe. Not.]<p>
This invaluable collection brings us further news from the suspiciously overlooked constituency of the International Experimental Surf Music Community (spiritual heart, Culpho) with an overview of the career of long-time members, Aaaaaaaaxb Ė the notorious 10-piece (or 16 piece, if you believe the band photograph) - proponents of the Contra-ist principle (that the band should always strive to deny the public what they most want or expect) - and instigators (deliberately or incidentally) of historic and ghastly schisms inside the IESMC itself as a direct result of their radical (or, when their radicalism involved not being radical - confusing - musical interventions). Although this spans many years of work, the effluxion of time seems to operate in a vertical rather than horizontal dimension here; that is to say, style, technology and aesthetics from different decades all seem to pile up in the same song rather than shifting from one to another. The absence of dates or attributions in the lengthy and frankly bizarre sleeve-notes doesnít help. What we have in abundance though is psychedelic extrapolation, the exploration of non-sequiteurial interventionism, classic surfism, of course, longeurs, shorteurs - and occasional irruptions of completely other-dimensional material, so DO NOT ADUST YOUR SETÖ.all of which signally fails to be boring, or even irritating; frankly itís bloody good, if Iím allowed to be technical for a moment. Another Cordelian classic that I can only earnestly recommend you buy. Immediately. All human music is here (except the boring stuff).

Price: £14.50