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Home » Henry Cow &c » FRED FRITH: Eye to Ear III

Two full soundtracks, the first - for Three Against Troy (2005, 38 minutes) - ranges far and wide in musical space, moving through complex compositions in various styles, threads of simple exposition, textures and sound-events - some massive, some distant. There’s contemporary pointillism here, a lot of faintly oriental arrangements, polyrhythms, snappy tunes, detunes – even a 70s rock guitar solo. Performed by Fred (bass, guitars, keyboards, manipulations), Tilman Muller (trumpet and flugelhorn), Ada Gosling (Violin) and Berndt Settelmayer ([mostly hand] percussion and waterphone), it certainly makes you want to see the film all this would fit into…it’s almost a film in itself. Next up is Thirst (2004, 19 minutes), a more atmospheric, moody collection performed by Shela Bringi – bansuri, Wu Fei, gu zheng, Heather Heise piano and melodica, Gino Robair, hand percussion, Carlka Kihlstedt, violin and nykelharpa - and Fred doing everything else. Meditative, unfolding.

Code: TZ7521
Price: £14.50