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FAT: And The Masters Of  HAHA.
FAT: And The Masters Of HAHA.
Recorded in Agadir in 1999, after many visits and long stays, this meeting of the great, and too often overlooked, Canadian experimentalists with the Haha Berber group Aouad Mi, and other local musicians, uncompromisingly mixes contemporary western and traditional middle-eastern instruments and aesthetics, with a mind-twisting overlaying of simplicity and complexity; these are highly focussed, highly repetitious, highly unusual and impossible to quite pin-down pieces, deceptively well recorded and not so much played it seems - as allowed to happen. There are amazing rhythms and interlocking parts you can hear but not analyse. Less a dilettantish confection than a proper meeting of cultures at a virtuosic level. Extraordinary.

Price: £14.50