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DE MARINIS, PAUL: The Edison Effect
From the legendary Apollohuis, this is a remarkable collection of experiments with technology, all centred on cylinder and 78rpm recordings, mostly early (including the very earliest) sound recordings read by laser technology and manipulated in numerous ways to bring out some aspect of the meaning, the cultural context or the technology, including stretching, layering, substitution (a fascinating transcription of a 1915 piano recording that presents the original, then as replicated by midi files and replayed on a digital piano and a glass harmonica, then electronically 'corrected' for pitch and performing mistakes, the corrected version re-recorded and played back on a new cylinder). Ancient Linguaphone recordings, Chinese 78s, a clay pot read by laser.. It's a CD of investigative experiments. 3-fold colour digipack with an with an excellent, thorough and stimulating 24pp booklet and useful photographs. Limited art edition of 1000. L

Code: ACD039514
Price: £16.45