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NITSCH, HERMAN: Eighth Symphony (dbl CD)
NITSCH, HERMAN: Eighth Symphony (dbl CD)
Completely out of left field come the increasingly impressive musical productions of veteran performance artist/actionist Hermann Nitsch. Music was always part of his Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries, but this is a free standing musical composition which is at once fully evolved and yet outside the embrace of the musical world. A powerful professional recording of the premiere, in 1990, this is a vast work for brass orchestra, choir, percussion and 'noise orchestra' (the electronic parts played by composer Wolfgang Mitterer). A big, dramatic piece, organised in blocks with a lot of dynamics and mood shifts that stands in the room like a force of nature, impressive, immersive and confident. Comes in a double CD jewelcase with two posters, including an extract from the score and a short text in German. Remastered (and repackaged) from the legendary 2001 Cortical Foundation LP edition [only 185 copies were made], this too is only available in a limited edition - of 650 copies - so if you want one, please order while they last.

Code: TA0932010
Price: £23.50