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VARIOUS: Big Ears - Fitzgerald's Manifesto
You want this. Between March 2003 and December 2004 London's Sonic Arts Network ran an extremely eclectic programme for Resonance FM, purportedly adhering to Fitzgerald's Radio manifesto of 1931 (How to make your own radio programme). This CD is compiled from these broadcasts (by Tim Steiner) and includes material from Otomo Yoshihide, Hugh Le Caine, The Mills Brothers, Sol Hoopi, Fluxii Ben Vautier, Philip Corner and Nam Jun Paik, The Chopins (Frederick and Henri - simultaneously), Leon Theremin, The Beau Hunks, Halim el Dahb, Louis and Bebe Baron, a couple of children's choirs (one recorded 1939 in Russia praising uncle Joe), Harry Champion, Glenn Miller and the Rhythm Rats. There are also jingles (means very short snatches of sound), competitions: guess that sound/speaker, cut-ups and a lot else. It's very nicely put together and makes a fascinating listen - as well as containing some useful, historic material. Imaginatively packaged in an EP sleeve with a booklet full of information, relevant and (maybe irrelevant) detail, references and data - enough to keep you entertained for a week, including references to the letter of Fitzgerald's manifesto so you can try to figure the logic, mysterious charts, lists, games, scoring cards. Then there's a poster - of the manifesto itself, with small print annotations and comments, information about the Sonic Arts broadcasts in relation to it, and a list of 'casualties'. I won't explain, you can read it yourself. This is a priceless package and highly recommended. This CD was created by Sonic Arts Network, a national organisation that explores and promotes the art of sound.

Code: FitzgeraldBigEars
Price: £18.75