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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » EASTLEY, MAX: Installation Recordings (1973 - 2008) (dbl CD)

EASTLEY, MAX: Installation Recordings (1973 - 2008) (dbl CD)
These 2 CDs offer, in 39 tracks, a long-needed overview of the installation work of one of Britain's earliest sound art/ kinetic art pioneers, updating and greatly expanding upon the 1975 LP New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments released on Obscure. These pieces are powered by nature (wind & water) or various motors and were recorded on hills, beaches and in woods and galleries. Shifting from micro-sound to large scale amplification. This is an important body of work. There are also 2 short performance tracks (on one George Lewis is credited with blade of grass). The tracks are musically organised and grouped together in suites. Interesting for historians will be that although the last four decades are covered here, the bulk of these pieces date from the mid-seventies, and are important markers in the history of a nascent form. Beautifully designed, with a 20pp full colour booklet of photo documentation and text by Max.L

Price: £20.00