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DRAKE,BOB: L'Isola dei Lupi
DRAKE,BOB: L'Isola dei Lupi
Bob’s 10th solo album sees Bob playing all the usual instruments (and a few more this time) in another collection of close-up songs with impossible structures, extraordinary harmonies, informative lyrics (though a little outré in their subject matter), virtuoso playing (in a casual sort of way), great production and impressive musical economy (Bob has enough ideas, so he doesn’t need to stretch them out). It comes with remarkable artwork by Joe Mruk (, including a fold-out map which may or may not clarify matters. The recording is finished and the artwork in hand, so this one will be ready in early October - maybe for subscribers, earlier. For the many who are following Bob chapter by chapter, this will be another satisfactorily bewildering gem; for those not there yet, why not start here? Sub edition comes with signed and numbered copy of Bob’s Springs and Fountains book.

Code: CTA22
Price: £5.00