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FRED FRITH . JOHN ZORN: The Art of Memory II
FRED FRITH . JOHN ZORN: The Art of Memory II
The long-awaited follow up to their first release on Derek Bailey's Incus label and a kind of prequel, going back to the time when Fred was playing home-made instruments and John was using mouthpieces and duck-calls as much or more than alto sax; this was back in the New York glory days when 100 new ideas popped up somewhere every day, and these performances lie right at the fringe of what most people would accept as "music". Anyone wanting to get back to one of the roots of what later became known as "noise music" will want this CD, since these performances encapsulate an approach to improvisation that has much more to do with listening to the world than perpetuating an existing musical tradition that works through safe, mutually understood, rules and conventions. AOMII is a vintage document from a lost era when innovation, energy and imagination were valued, and still had the power to shock and surprise.

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