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LOCKWOOD, ANNEA: Ground of Being
LOCKWOOD, ANNEA: Ground of Being
Close listening compositions with sound, three of them environmentally sourced and one performed. The performance is of a piano piece from 1996 interpreted by Louis Svard using coins, screws, bubble-wrap, wiring insulation, rubber balls, large stones, a bowl-gong, mallets and a water glass to drive preparations and extended techniques into the exploration of pure sound. Buoyant (2013) mixes lake and river recordings with metal gangplank reverberations; Dusk (2012) is constructed from very low frequency deep ocean sounds generated by hydrothermal vents, transposed bat calls and a large tam-tam, while Ground of Being (2000) amplifies resonances of mostly indistinguishable sources, dehydrating trees and a speaking voice rendered incomprehensible in the space of a large, resonating, crypt. Nicely packaged. Specialisedů

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