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GEMS: Partch, Harrisson, Sandberg, Reinhard
A very small, essentially handmade, edition of 300 copies of pieces researched and performed for the microtonal society at various venues in New York. Here is the first recording of Lou Harrison's rather Partchian Canticle #3, for ocarina, guitar and four percussionists whose instruments include brake drums, iron pipes, a box, an elephant bell, teponazli, sistrum, woodblocks and conventional drums and tam tams; Harry Partch's US Highball which, though interesting, can't compete with Partch's own (available on Innova enclosure 2), Mordercai Sandberg's Psalm #51, also a first recording, for 20 players, soprano and two synthesisers (needed to handle many of the microtones specified in the score), and the premiere of Johnny Reinhard's polymicrotonal Qoheleth, for two sopranos, cello, flute, percussion and harpsichord.

Code: P-200213
Price: £14.50