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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » LUC FERRARI: Visage 2, Apres Presque Rien, Madame de Shanghai

LUC FERRARI: Visage 2, Apres Presque Rien, Madame de Shanghai
Instrumental compositions, two for ensemble with tape. Visage2 is an early work, strongly informed by Darmstadt serialism, bearing the signature sound of its style and time. It was written in 1955-6 for brass and percussion but not performed until 2006, because it was considered unplayable.. Apres Presque Rien for 14 instruments and 2 samplers(Art Zoyd) is a fascinating addition to the Presque Rien series – and the only one to feature instruments. A long start with the band tuning and shuffling, with other extraneous sounds, shifts slowly into a more formal composition – interspersed with field recordings – that drifts from section to section and atmosphere to atmosphere in a casual, almost capricious, way; like a movie that leaves the cameras and scene changers in shot. Madame de Shanghai, for flute trio and recorded sound, is a kind of audio drama and a tribute to Orson Welles’ Lady from Shanghai (from which snatches are included). Altogether a fine collection of misfit pieces that show Ferrari’s lone wolf approach to good effect.

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