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» NITSCH, HERMANN : Orgelkonzert

NITSCH, HERMANN : Orgelkonzert
Now 82, Nitsch is a unique figure in Western art, a relic of an age when art mattered and wound its roots around death, mysticism, creation and transcendence - with no breath of irony. Directing large scale (days-long) multimedia events he evolved a sound aesthetic, rooted in drones, that has become increasingly free-standing. On this recording, made using the organ of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Servi. he, with two assistants and a number of wooden boards, creates not so much music, as a composer might, nor the kind of improvisation any trained musician might, but instead what amounts to a reification of  his extreme, bordering-on-ecstatic mystical aesthetic.   

Code: IDA045
Price: £14.50