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LA CASA, ERIC: air. ratio
A further chapter in the series that explores ubiquitous and ignored aspects of the (mostly public) architectural soundscape; this time it's ventilation units in France. Eric has recorded some 30 different units, in hospitals, at Radio France, the Pasteur Institute, the Centre Pompidou, in a library, a restaurant, an apartment and at the Cite de la Musique. These sites span 50 years of construction and very different acoustics. Each extract is two minutes long and runs directly into the next (though they are separately track-marked). At the beginning and end, calibration tracks collapse all 30 recordings into one minute. Eric has consciously sequenced the 30 recordings with aesthetic intent, but he also says that 'this CD is intended to be an object without distinctive function'. It is certainly a recording that fulfils many different functions, documentary, architectural and aesthetic. It also changes radically according to what level it is played at, and what aural - or philosophical - work it is asked to do. L

Code: sirr2006
Price: £14.50