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Home » 60's, 70's, 80's landmarks » HATFIELD AND THE NORTH: Hatitude

Archive recordings 1973-1975. Like Henry Cow, Hatfield - contemporaries, friends and occasional collaborators - were at their best on a stage. The stupid machine / lucky accident of industry indifference has meant that the band has happily been left to collect the materials on these two records together themselves, put them into the shape they wanted and release them, accompanied by excellent notes that cast a useful and sympathetic light on the times, the music and its paradoxical careful-raucous, serious-irresponsible schizophrenia, the dramatis personae, and a generally more musical world. There's familiar stuff played in not quite familiar ways, unfamiliar stuff, a lot more stretching out of the material and some carelessly virtuosic and inspired playing. Nicely digipacked with generous booklet.Start with Hatitude I think.L

Code: HATCODD73-7502
Price: £15.00