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» UCHIHASHI KASUHISA: Singing Daxophone

Daxophones, invented by Hans Reichel, are intricately carved tongues of various woods, clamped to a stand, amplified and played  mostly with a bow. There are over a hundred of them and they all sound very different from each another. Which tells you nothing much except that, once youíve heard them, how hard to believe some of the phenomena of this world can be. More than anything else they sound like human and animal voices, or an alien crowd at an off-world cocktail bar. Itís also a very subtle and responsive instrument - I would say expressive. But I wonít waste more time in description Ė you just need to hear them and suspend disbelief. Hans also explored the possibilities of multiple daxophones performing composed pieces with them in his extraordinary late album Yuxo. I think itís fair to say that  Uchihashi Kasuhisa is the greatest living exponent of the daxophone today and this record Ė all covers of well-known songs, sonically transformed and spookily human Ė is a jaw-dropper. Everything here played only on families of daxophones - which handle melodies, harmonies and rhythm with equal facility. if you are looking for something different and unpredictable, this is for you. Itís like nothing else. And itís great.

Code: ICR025
Price: £18.00