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DRAKE, BOB: Lawn Ornaments.
DRAKE, BOB: Lawn Ornaments.
After Bob's Drive-In, which, in terms of production was quite restrained and minimal, Ornaments sets off in the opposite direction, piling up great car-crashes of overlapping fragments in a production that makes rococo look like shaker minimalism. Playing only drums, guitars, bass, banjo, fiddle, organ, trumpet and piano Bob herds tamed cataclysms of musical debris into the shapes of coherent - if episodic Ė songs, en route skipping through half a century of recording history. As to method well, you canít beat a year of work. The CD comes with a beautifully illustrated booklet that includes all the song texts as well as eighteen commissioned drawings by the meticulous fine-artist Joe Mruk. Extraordinary music, intriguingly wrapped...

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