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XENAKIS: ST/48 &c. dbl CD
On CD 1, mostly large swirling, thunderous pieces for mass resources: ST/48 (1972) for orchestra, Polytope de Montreal (1967) for four similar orchestras, Nomos Gamma 1967-8) for 98 piece orchestra, Terretekorh, (1965-66) for 88 instruments - scattered about in the auditorium -, Syrmos (1959) for 18 strings and Achorripsis (1956-7) for 21 instruments.
On CD2, electroacoustic tape music: Perseopolis - long, slow, swelling drones (re-mastered 2003) and Polytope de Cluny (1972) a sometimes ominous, sometimes dizzying, tinkling, mysterious, neurotic monster of a piece that stands out as a classic. Xenakis fans will be happy. And, as ever with RZ, it's nicely presented with an intelligent and informative booklet, and is beautifully mastered.

Code: edRZ1015-16
Price: £19.50