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» WOODBURY, BRIAN: Balladry and Soliloquy

WOODBURY, BRIAN: Balladry and Soliloquy
WOODBURY, BRIAN: Balladry and Soliloquy
This is the second of the 4-Volume, 80+ song Magnum Opus - a song-writing master-class - being released in four instalments over the next twelve months. This one investigates narrative and personal songs. Old hands will know that we've been distributing Brianís work for decades, starting in the vinyl days with his early, already-fledged, home productions. Now he lives and works in Hollywood, making music for Disney, television and theatre - but remains part of Tinseltownís more shadowy art fringe, the place where daytime mainstreamers pursue their own musical interests for the hell and the love of it, and because they canít help themselves - self-financed releases like these are essentially what hyper-talented people do in order to stay sane. Which means he has access to the best; the musicianship is world class, and Brianís orchestrations broad, crafty, and, sometimes, quietly subversive. If you had to pay for this talent (and these studios), records like this would never get made, but money isnít everything - and Balladry is a rare release by mainstream professionals still willing to work for love on the things they love. Brian studied with Bernard Rands, Pauline Olivieros and Tom Lehrer. Well, there you are. Balladry and Soliloquy features 23 songs in styles running from indie-pop to Broadway.

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Price: £12.50