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The long awaited new release from the never less than extraordinary Paolo Angeli. Technically this is just Paulo and his prepared and electrified Sardinian guitar with various pedals and processors played, unbelievably, in real time without loops or overdubs; but experientially itís orchestral in its complexity, variety and density. This highly modified and extended instrument, coupled with Pauloís extended techniques and the power of electricity, create a sound thatís fluid and versatile and allows all manner of perplexing subtleties (if you try to imagine how heís doing what heís doing) - but the result is a wholly accessible and fully orchestrated music that speaks the language of melody, harmony and pulse. It feels modern but at the same time its roots stretch back audibly into the Sardinian past. His is a unique voice with a long and impressive track record both as a composer and as a performer. If you donít know Paolo yet, nowís a good time to check; if you do, this will be for you.

Code: ReRPA14
Price: £12.50