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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » ORAM, DAPHNE: Oramics (double CD)

ORAM, DAPHNE: Oramics (double CD)
At last a record - the first - to celebrate the work of the elusive Daphne Oram; moving force behind the establishment of the BBC's radiophonic workshop, author of the first electronic soundtrack for British Television, and inventor of the 'Oramic' system of electronic sound control through drawing. She soon left the BBC, working over the next decades on concert presentations, film, ballet and theatre music, as well (like Raymond Scott) on TV commercials to pay the bills. All are collected here, with excellent booklet notes and archive photographs. The collection covers the years 1959 -1977. You can hear, especially in the early works, the physical processes involved in the discovery of new sonic forms. It is heartening to see these important but forgotten works collected and made accessible, filling a small but vital gap in the record. Perhaps Delia Derbyshire will be next? Congratulations to Clive Graham and Paradigm Discs for ignoring fashion and miniscule sales and helping to recover an occluded part of British musical history.

Code: PD21
Price: £20.75