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Home » Library » ANTHEIL, ORNSTEIN, LOURIE: Futurpiano

Highlighting three giants of early C20 Futurist Music: two Russians - Arthur Lourie, who evolved new notations and explored a radical mixture of atonality, impressionism and proto-serialism, and Leo Ornstein, whose family emigrated to America when he was 14 - a prodigious and prolific youth who caused riots and wrote fast, dissonant pieces with provocative descriptive titles like Suicide in an Airplane –-  and one American: George Antheil, whose rigorously anti-romantic and mechanical style was equally explosive a decade later, courting riots and hitching its flag, at least for a spell, to Futurism in all its excesses. All the works here – Syntheses Op.16, Formes en L’air, Suicide in an Airplane, Three Moods, A La Chinoise, Mechanisms and La Femme 100 Tetes – are seamlessly performed by composer and pianist Daniele Lombardi. And there is a book of useful and informative accompanying notes.   L

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