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Billed as a 'compilation of improvisation' which puts an interesting emphasis on an aspect of music familiar to ReR listeners, but not under this rubric. The concept of improvisation here is broad and these collections are valuable as touchstones / sourcebooks of the range. From interesting to sublime, there's enough here to reward any listener; but above all it's a source. Well known names and, importantly, new ones. Includes- Vol 1, Henry Kaiser, Bil King (excellent), The Splatter Trio, Vol 2, John Zorn, the Molecules, Mike Hovancsek, Keith Rowe, Vol 3, Amy Denio, Ladonna Smith/Davey Williams, Tom Nunn (with a classic), Hans Reichel and Tom Djll. Useful. Excellent sleeve notes.

Code: BRD008
Price: £12.50