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BLAST: Vortographs
BLAST: Vortographs

Frank Crijns and Dirk Bruinsma deliver four wholly convincing, tightly composed, pieces for guitar, saxophones and vibraphone, fattened and deepened with the sympathetic and unobtrusive use of midi and percussion programming (which in this rare case really works because it’s wholly integrated and does musical things that couldn’t be done any other way. The music, as ever, is highly complex, poly-metric, confident and bemusingly intriguing. If you are familiar with their earlier work, this sounds to me like a coming into maturity of their compositional style; everything finds its proper measure, with dynamic, tempo and colour balances perfectly judged. It’s beautifully recorded with close attention to detail. And its music you can listen to repeatedly, because it sounds different every time; it’ll be many listens before you know what's coming next. A pleasurable work out for the brain: labyrinthine but somehow soothing. If not now, when?  Highly recommended.

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Price: £5.00