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Home » Full Catalogue » THE REMOTE VIEWERS: Crimeways

On this new CD, the aesthetic mutates again. The instrumentation – four saxophones, used orchestrally and for the most part chordally, contrabass, tuned percussion, rhythm programming and small electronics are sparely deployed in highly compositional contexts. There’s a great attention to sound and the careful disposition of parts to maximum effect. Discipline, containment, dissonance, tension and the judicious use of the electronics and tuned percussion bind the otherwise spiky components into a cautious aesthetic unity. Strong rhythmical structures are grids not grooves, and there is always contrary motion to prevent closure; irresolution drives everything onward but not really forward. This more like contemporary music than anything else, but it spends a lot of its time not sounding like contemporary music, or rock, or jazz, or anything else much – except in passing. Another interesting record.

Code: RV11
Price: £5.00