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PER TJENRBERG: Music is my Salvation.
PER TJENRBERG: Music is my Salvation.
Composer and Percussionist (I use the word carefully, he’s not a drummer on this record) Per Tjernberg has conjured a world half out of time – it is as much of the ‘60s and 70s as it is of now – in the best sense - with this extraordinarily rich suite of compositions which employs to their best a luminous ensemble of great musicians negotiating bass trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn, piccolo, flute oboe, bass, contrabass and regular clarinets, bassoon, alto sax (Dror Feiler), tenor and sopranino saxes, electric piano, mellotron, bass clavinet, (Mats Oberg), vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, violin, harp, contrabass, two drummers and the world’s classical and folk percussion instruments; in varying combinations. This is composed music that grows most directly out of jazz history with deep nods to Frank Zappa and Burt Bacharach and it moves from airy to funky, tipping its hat to the Coltranes, Sanders, Cherry, Ra, Silva and then sailing on out into the universe of the indefinable. But always with strong melodic, harmonic and rhythmic roots. It might have been made in the ‘70s, so firmly does it adhere to the spirit and warm, organic hi-fi sensibility of that time, and it deploys large resources in an assuredly relaxed and persuasive way. It’s pretty remarkable without being at all iconoclastic, just doing what it does exceptionally well. Some old hands will recognise Per from the Swedish band Archimedes Baadkar; though this is immeasurably different. You’d have to work very hard or hate this kind of music not to be won over. No small achievement.

Code: CE18
Price: £12.50