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MOE, JOE: Mainland
MOE, JOE: Mainland
Once in a while a really great song album comes along, with exquisite arrangements, surprising harmonies, intriguing texts and sideways melodies that exhibits both a sharp musical intelligence and a deep immersion in popular forms for their own sake (Van Dyke Parks sets a standard). This is one such. Joe Moe has managed to make a record that constantly shifts and twists yet remains firmly rooted and coherent - not an easy thing to pull off. He is much assisted by the arranging and producing talents of the not inconsiderable Brian Woodbury, Marc Doten, and Michael Webster, as Cheez Masheen. Van Dyke Parks also appears on two tracks, one of which is a luminous cover of his own Cowboy. There is a great deal of impressive composition at work, always leavened by a performative insouciance; and these are proper, not clever, songs that speak to the emotional complexity of life. If you appreciate the medium, I strongly recommend this rare example of brilliance in the field. Limited Edition. L

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