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About ReR Megacorp

What is in this catalogue and why?

ReR was set up in 1978 by Chris Cutler and Nick Hobbes as an independent label and distribution service. The idea was to find and make available recordings from around the world (on numerous independent and specialist labels, including some rare and hard to find limited editions) which embodied the most interesting, experimental or important work in the musical field I cared about. It’s opinionated. I have tried to explain my choices in the notes that accompany each title - which are reviews rather than promo. We don’t deal in a narrow genres but look for what’s unusual across a very wide field. And since, with the worldwide web replacing record shops and the music press, certain kinds of music have, paradoxically, become harder rather than easier to find, our work of finding and selecting is, I hope, still useful, time saving and might be a source of serendipitous discoveries. By being strict with our choices, we hope to earn enough trust that you try things you don’t know as well as things you do.

You can listen to every track of all the ReR label titles, which are also available as mp3 and FLAC downloads – the listen and buy as download links take you to the rerdownload site, where you can buy both ReR downloads and physical CDs - but anything you put in a shopping basket there has to be checked out there, and anything in your basket here has to be checked out here. Sorry, it’s a long story. But there are links back and forth on every page.

ReR is an artist run label and distribution service; we are beholden to no-one and we work only on the basis of musical judgement. Commercial considerations don’t get a look in. Although we keep everything as cheap as possible, musicians have to live and we aren’t going to squeeze them: We want more music; they need encouragement. We try to be an unbusiness, but we don’t do bad business; we try to act is if the world were as it should be, we do know how it is.

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PHONE 44 (0)20 8771 1063
FAX 44 (0) 208 771 3138

ReR Megacorp
79 Beulah Road
Thornton Heath
Surrey CR7 8JG, UK.

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