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NIMBY: Songs For Adults
NIMBY: Songs For Adults
NIMBY is James Grigsby (of the legendary Motor Totemist Guild) and US leftfield luminaries from Thinking Plague, Hail, The 5UUs and Giant Ant Farm Dave Kerman, Bob Drake and Jerry Wheeler. The official story is that an electrical storm temporarily deranged their faculties, leaving their musical abilities unaffected, leading to this unaccountable recording, made more or less live in a barn in Southern France, with only a handful of overdubs added by engineer and bassist Drake. Instead of making the cutting edge contemporary post rock record they planned, they wound up musically reverting to their youth while mentally indulging in the whiny frustrations of middle age. Could it be worse? Yes. This is not just an album of songs, it's a concept album - and it documents what happens when a bunch of spoiled baby-boomers - mostly from Southern California - get old, grumpy and weird. At least they aren't pretending to be teenagers any more. And the songs are nicely crafted and well played. And they haven't managed completely to suppress the urge to get weird now and then with the arrangements. Track 8, for instance. Hmm. And there are those, wishing to be generous, who will say that there is an element of satire involved here, even that the record is light and ... fun. But that would be going too far.

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