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CAGE, JOHN: 49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs
1977 Cage wrote 49 Waltzes for Rolling Stone magazine (to mark its relocation to New York from the West coast). Not long after, a score was published by Peters consisting of a map of the Five Boroughs scored by 49 coloured triangles. The exact location of the three points of each triangle are then listed: 149 addresses in all. This is the first full and serious realisation of this score, as a 2 hour sound video that lingers for chance derived durations at each location recording what there is to see and hear. There is, unsurprisingly, remarkable diversity; it's New York you wouldn't normally see, or remember: a record of ephemera. Video by Don Gillespie and Roberta Friedman, with various extras, features and an additional audio realisation of the score.

Code: Mode204
Price: £22.00