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THE NECKS: The Necks Box (7 CDs)
THE NECKS: The Necks Box (7 CDs)
One of the greatest bands in the world, said the New York Times; A post-jazz, post-rock, post-everything sonic experience that has few parallels or rivals, according to The Guardian; Fifty years after Kind of Blue, the new music I would find it hardest to do without is that produced by The Necks, circumlocutes Richard Williams. No one has so far even attempted to copy them since, what they do is so unique, anyone venturing on that ground would be both exposed and be competing with perfection. For their part, they just get on quietly making one great record after another. And here are 8 of their best packed into in a sturdy box:

Hanging Gardens, Drive By, The Boys, Aether, Chemist, Silverwater, Townsville and Mindset.

Code: ReRNecksbox
Price: £60.00