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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » XENAKIS: Dmaathen. Eonta. Epeï. Herma. Palimpsest. Evryali

XENAKIS: Dmaathen. Eonta. Epeï. Herma. Palimpsest. Evryali
A good and varied assembly of pieces that showcase Xenakis's interestingly impenetrable way of organising sound in masses and clouds, using shifting dynamics and 'unmusical' structures. Like Pollock or Brughel, a somewhat autonomous chaos replaces central perspective or 'harmonious' structure. Time, Pitch and Dynamic glissandi are ubiquitous. Although there is constant tension and coherence, there is no obvious compositional logic. But neither does this work have the experimental character of many of Cage's aleatoric works; there does seem to be a logic, just one so complex that it's out of reach. Palimpsest is a fine example of Xenakis' spooky ability to create a solid musical identity that evaporates into tenuous events if studied; an unfolding narrative that, like constellations in the night sky are made propinquities that are actually arbitrary and illusory.

Code: BVAASTCD0706
Price: £14.50