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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » PARTCH, HARRY: Enclosure 2 (4cds)

PARTCH, HARRY: Enclosure 2 (4cds)
PARTCH, HARRY: Enclosure 2 (4cds)
BIG NEWS!! Nearly 5 hours of priceless archive material from one of the great musical originals of the century; all recordings not in print, and nearly all works so far unreleased, plus Harry lecturing, reading, introducing the pieces and being interviewed; plus a sound-collage memoriam featuring informal (& illicitly recorded) conversation amongst HP's friends and tapes of HP at the piano talking with friends and playing. A mix of old precious low fi recordings and some new digital recordings too. Excellently compiled. Think of this as 2 evenings well spent with HP: he introduces the selections, gives you a clear exposition, with musical examples, of his tuning system. Here too is a substantial part (a sidesworth) of the extraordinary and prodigious 'Bitter Music' (HP thought he'd destroyed all copies). In other words, it's a gem - and for any fan of HP, indispensible. What's more, it is very cheap. While it is around. Plus informative and well designed book. L

Code: INNOVA401
Price: £32.00